CSI: Miami. is it purposely this bad?

I thought for sure you were posting a link the CSI Miami - Caruso bad one liners montage!

If you’re a fan of Eva LaRue, I suggest rending “The Barbarians”, in which she spends most of the movie in a leather bustier kind of thing.

And it’s actually a funny movie.


I hate that show!

Caruso is bad enough, but its Emily Proctor’s Forensic Barbie that gets me. :mad:

I’ve got to say - I lve the bright colours. But not enough to sit through an episode.

Yes! This is it for me also. Of course, this is true for all CSI incarnations and not just CSI: Miami. In fact, it’s possibly more annoying on the original CSI, since it’s of higher quality overall, which makes it more jarring.

Honestly. Lab staff are not widely known for their people skills.

What I want to know is why they use a yellow filter for that show. It’s weird and distracting. I’ve watched the other CSIs, none of them have such distinctive and odd lighting.

Is Miami a particularly yellow place? I’ve never been there.

I like Pauley Perette of NCIS … nothing like the woman playing the forensic geek actually having a masters in forensic science … plus I think she looks hot and I am nominally a hetero monogamous female… but she would seriously tempt me to stray:)

Oh, mucho ditto. I find the NCIS ladies much more attractive than the NCIS ones…except for Liz Vassey.

Since they both happen to be in the same city, I’d love to see Horatio encounter Dexter Morgan.

While on a table.

Covered in plastic.

My favorite bit is when they are in the lab and figure out where the bad guys car is in the city. Then in the next scene they are across the town on the bumper of the vehicle in pursuit. I would think calling a cop who was closer might be a good idea. They drive across busy Miami and find them every time.

Bigger Than Cheese, comic #701.

Pay close attention to panel #3
Wife and I watch CSI, mostly because it’s so bad it’s entertaining. We laugh at Ryan and Eric, and how they’re always assholes toward each other. We call them Dick #1 and Dick #2.

I am mystified by this show’s popularity. Patronising, sophomoric, tortuous shite. It boggles the mind anybody can tolerate it for longer than ten minutes without wanting to hang themselves by their genitalia.

Like in The Holy Grail? THAT would be awesome!

Don’t forget that Micheal Weston also lives in Miami - his car should be in the background somewhere.

I’m sitting here in a Starbucks making people very uncomfortable due to the fact that I’ve been cracking up for about five minutes now.

That clip.


Was awesome.

But she’s such. A poser.

And as a 31 year old male I should be so past the category “poser,” it should not be in my mental vocabulary, I know. And usually it’s not.

But that chick. Is such. A poser.

Gah! It drives me batty for some reason.

I hope you got to watch it to the end. WTF? It ends with a shot of him kneeling at the base of The Christ Statue on Corcovado in Rio.

I just hope he’s not the one [drunk] driving it!

A truly far cry from her terrific West Wing gig.

The thing is, Caruso can be a good actor, but usually when he’s playing “against type” (non-constipated and self-serious). He can be a live wire of energy and was memorable (in a good way) in the TV pilot of Crime Story as well as the movies King of New York and Proof of Life.

But it was in NYPD Blue that he first began this oh-so-tense-&-enunciated delivery, and while the writing of that series was excellent (and he hadn’t begun phoning it in, yet), everything else that he’s done in that acting Mode since then has been more-and-more on auto-pilot.

The inexplicable success of the series has, sadly, cemented this approach to virtually all future job prospects for him, I suspect, so the Good Caruso will be in even shorter supply.

I couldn’t get on with it as the hard boiled senior detective came across as an ageing,slightly “camp” actor with a wig.

Ok its entertainment but suspension of disbelief has SOME limits.

My favorite radio show/podcast has a recurring weekly segment called Hypothetical Horatio. The host (Dave Dameshek) comes up with a murder scene scenario, usually voiced by Horatio’s partner, Frank, and the competitors must come up with their best punny line as Caruso. If they do well, they hear Roger Daltrey’s scream at the beginning of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.