Cuba Gooding Jr ...Movie Recommendations Please

I’d like someone to recommend a decent/good movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

There are two criteria that must be met in the movie you recommend

  1. It can’t be in the “inane comedy” genre (you didn’t know inane comedy is its own genre, did you?), for example, no Rat Races, or Boat Trips.

  2. He doesn’t cry at any point in the movie…no tears…not one. (What the heck is that about anyway? I think I’ve seen Mister Junior in 10 movies and he’s cried in each one.)

The gauntlet is thrown. Have at it, mates.

I don’t recall weeping as Master Chief/Master Diver Carl Brashear.

Boyz N the Hood remains the best CGJr film.

Yes, the man cried in the Carl Bashear movie. Check it out. It was in a scene with Robert De Niro, second half of the movie.

He cried Boyz in the Hood, in the scene where he was held against the police cruiser by a cop.

It might dip a little into both categories but I thought he was great in Jerry Maguire.

Yeah Jerry Maguire was okay. I wouldn’t put it in the inane comedy category, but, yet again, ol’ Cuba cried in this movie :slight_smile:

I really loved him in What Dreams May Come, but I can’t recall if he cried or not.

Did he cry in Pearl Harbor? Although that may qualify as an inane comedy.

Yes, Señor Gooding cried (more like screamed with tears flowing down his cheeks) in Pearl Harbor, in the scene where he’s shooting the canon…or whatevertheheck that big gun was, off the side of the ship.

Yes, he cried in What Dreams May Come (I believe it was when he was Robin Williams’ son) …kind of a choked-up weep…but the tears flowed…oh, how they flowed. :slight_smile:

I don’t think he cried as the Huey Helicopter pilot in Outbreak, nor as Greg Kinnear’s boyfriend in As Good As It Gets.

I think he does cry in As Good As it Gets. I’m not 100% on that one though. Time to do another fast-foward review :dubious:

I’ve never seen Outbreak, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there. I think I’ll check this movie out. Be warned though, if there’s one Cuba tear, just one, I will have no choice but to keeeeeeeel you :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Cuba doesn’t cry in Outbreak, but he does puke.

A Murder of Crows is an interesting little movie. I don’t remember whether Cuba wept or not.

Are there tears in his eyes when he pukes? Any overabundance of ready-to-flow moisture in the Cuba ocular area counts as a cry. My suspicion is there may be a tear accompanying the barf action. News at eleven :slight_smile:

Before anyone asks, Cuba cried in Radio :slight_smile:

Don’t exactly recall (he’s puking out of panic & revulsion), but it happens within the first 5 or 10 minutes, so you don’t have to FFW long to find out…

I’d bet money he cries in Outbreak, and not just watery eyes from puking in the introductory scene. Since I’m no longer confident with spoiler tags:

I thought…that Dustin Hoffman’s wife was the one dying of monkeyvirus. Certainly there weren’t TWO characters we cared about dying. I don’t think I could take that. You know, emotionally.