Cuba Gooding Jr ...Movie Recommendations Please

Kevin Spacey’s character dies from the disease and Hoffman’s wife catches it , but they get the cure before she dies

Yeah, you guys are right.

Still, I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that CBj sheds a tear somewhere toward the end.

Excellent excuse to rent the movie again to check this out, IIRC, I’m now thinking he cried when he was deciding to take the leg off; not of any particular scene with Deniro.

I have some vaguely positive memories of the Western he did with Paul Hogan, Lightning Jack. I don’t know if he cries in it, but if he does, he does it silently. He plays a mute.

You’re the only one.

Chill Factor. He can’t possibly have cried (could he??), and it’s an inane crime/comedy.