Cubs fans, how much would YOU pay?

SO I am supremely confident the Cubbies will go to the World Series by clinching the game against Florida on Tuesday night. My son’s birthday is Friday and so I entertained the thought of getting tickets to a World Series game, thinking crappy tix would be in the 1-200 dollar range.


I am seeing bleacher seats for $6-750, Terrace tickets for close to $2000, and better seats for double that! Standing room only tickets are being offered for $3-400 bucks!

There is no way in Hell I can do that, what about you folks? What would you pay to see the Cubs win a World Series game?
If my son was older, I’d buy him a ticket and tell him to meet me after the game but at 7, that’s just not going to happen:)
Guess we will have to watch it on tv. Perhaps I will take the money saved and buy a nice big TV instead!

I actually have an extra $500, so if I were still in Chicago…the full whack.
I just checked flights from California to Chicago and the cheapest I can find is $393 which leaves me $107 for a ticket. That wouldn’t even pay for parking.:frowning:

Anything at all. And I’m working on it.

I couldn’t afford anything like that, even if I were anywhere near the game, but it’d be damn cool.

Good thing about Wrigley and Pac Bell is that you can be outside the ballpark, not having paid a cent, and can still be very much a part of the crowd. I watched Kenny Lofton send us to the World Series last year, in person, for free. Before they let us to the portwalk, we were all hanging out in Seals Plaza beyond center field, blasting the game on radios, cheering, booing, and everything.

I, for one, would love to be out on Waveland Ave for a game or two. You can still go out there, can’t you?

I’d shell out a couple G’s if I were still single.
I could get through a month or two living on the chaep and make it up.

Can’t possibly justify it with a family though.

If the World Series happens, I am giving vary serious thought to flying up there just to hang on Waveland. As for ticket price, I would pay $500 above and beyond airfare.

And, I have at least 1 friend that would do the same.

My company was given some free tickets to the game yesterday by a client - the higher ups are going and they drew six employee names out and invited them along. I thought that was pretty cool of them.