Cubs: From now on, only quadruple amputees are allowed to sit in the front row.

In what may go down as a dubious incident in Chicago Cubs history, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a “fan” deflected a foul ball in the eighth inning that looked like it could have been caught by Cubs OF Moises Alou. The Marlins went on to score eight runs, erasing Chicago’s 3-0 lead and winning 8-3. The “fan” was escorted out of the area and into a lower-level security station, all the while being heckled by fans around him.

This man will not live a normal life from this point on. Especially if the Cubs loose tonight. I expect his name to be released sometime today. Followed by his resignation, divorce, and subsequent move to Cuba.

Here`s a photo of the poor bastard.

There have been about eleventy threads about this already. But I do give you credit for being (as far as I can see) the first guy to suggest a solution to the issue other than death. So props for that, whuckfistle.

Here Here! After seeing my Dad almost have a Coronary last night when it happened…I agree whole heartedly!

Wasnt Dusty five outs away from the WS last year with the Giants when he pulls the pitcher and opened the flood gates. The rest is history, and history repeats itself, doesnt it?

Can somebody please explain the “Billy Goat Curse” to a non-baseball fan?

The Billy Goat Curse

The original curse dates back to Billy Sianis. As the story goes, Billy used to bring a billy goat to Wrigley to goad opposing teams. In the 1945 series with Detroit, Mr. P.K. Wrigley, the Cubs owner, wanted the billly goat out.

“He said not the goat. The goat smells,”

Legend has it that Billy Sianis got mad and said, ‘No, Billy Sianis, no billy goat in the Friendly Confines, then there will never be a world series played at Wrigley Field again.’

"We need some sort of supernatural forces that are pushing down on our franchise, pushing down or our beloved Cubbies," said one fan. 

If not supernatural, how about a new goat? Sam Sianis says he has a billy goat that is a descendant of the original one, but someone else might have already succeeded in kicking the curse. Some Cub fans brought another goat to the Houston Astros series and guess what? The Cubs won!

Yes, Whuckfistle (regarding the 2002 WS), and thanks for reminding us. (I recall the meltdown as coming in the seventh inning, but I could be wrong. It’s all a blur.) The problem was not pulling the starter for a reliever–it was leaving him in too long and letting him get into trouble. Dusty has always done that. He did it constantly with Livan Hernandez, often letting him go out to start the ninth, leaving Nen just sitting there, all warmed up in the bullpen. He did the same with Reuter, who was usually spent after six but Dusty would send him out for the seventh (and about half the time he’d get into a jam). From what I’ve seen of the Cubs this year, it looks like Dusty is still doing that. I don’t like him any more–not after the things he said about S.F. on his way out of the Giants organization–but I will feel a little bad for the Cubs if Florida wins tonight. They might not get another chance.

Poor schmuck was just a fan who didn’t look down to see someone, uh, more important trying to get the ball.

If he had done that to the Marlins, and the tables had turned, they would be giving the guy a parade around the Loop by now.

Cut him some slack…besides, the Cubs had a few other problems that inning that cannot be blamed on that guy.

I hear that! Jeezus whucking christ!