Custom Licence Plates — Seen in the Wild

Or EV QUUS if EQUUS is what they truly wanted.

But I’m not sure I’m buying it. I think they wanted the F.

Another character frequently substituting for E is 3.


Yeah I’m skeptical at best.

Or maybe EV FQUS is really “EV? F*** us!”.

As in “My spouse made us buy this stupid thing and I hate everything about EVs because of the 24/7 “news” shows I watch.”

Another one for Silicon Valley here: COMPILE.

I just saw one in the last hour. A clean 1st-gen Ford Bronco with plates. YP KI AY.

All that it needed was a companion car: MTHR FKR.

I knew one Adolph in my life. He was a former boss. Also, African American and a junior. So, I’m sure he was not named after the more famous one.

ZsaZsa is a nickname for Zsuzsana (i.e. Susan) – a fairly common Hungarian name. It’s one of my middle names, although my mom anglicized it sadly.

A friend of my sister used to have a car (NOT a Porsche!) that color about 40 years ago. Everybody called it the Crestmobile.

Saw this one today…


Yesterday I saw a VW Beetle with West Virginia University tags* that said “WVUVW.” :slight_smile:

wrong thread

Hmmm, not sure what this would mean… MS SIGNY

Not sure, either. There’s an actress named Signy Coleman; maybe it’s her car? It looks like she’s retired from acting, but it also looks like she’s originally from northern California.

It’s on a California plate, so maybe “Missing New York”?

“Sigourney” is certainly a woman’s name. Of that we can be sure even without orbital nuking.

And such a woman might well go by “Sig”
So she’s Miss (or Ms) Sig from NY? Or she goes by “Signy” and it’s just "Miss or Ms MyFirstName

I hope that’s not an attempt to slip “misogyny” past the DMVs censors. Which was the first thought that flashed into my mind.

Googling “Ms Signy” I’m finding a few people that go by that name. Either because Signy is their first or last name. I’m guessing that’s not the case here, but it’s a possibility.

I like the “Missing NY” idea, but since I assume “MS SIGNY” and “MSSIG NY” are considered the same thing, I’m not sure why they’d put the space there.

I do see Michigan University, Ohio State University and Swarthmore College decals. Maybe something related to them.

Or maybe she’s Miss Stingy.

Yes it might be Sigourney.

Different spelling, but Signe Toly Anderson was a founding member of Jefferson Airplane.

When I saw this I heard the voice of Forrest Gump saying it:


This one is brilliant: PLEIAD★

Today I saw a new-version VW Beetle with SUPERDOC.

I did not get a great look at it, and there’s some chance the D is actually some other vaguely similar letter like B, R, or O.

Another geeky one for Silicon Valley: P🖤THON

I saw a late model BMW M3. The plate was one of the special backgrounds where all plates are 5 characters only.

The plate read B3ING. Custom or ordinary series plate? If custom, does it mean “being” or does it mean “BMW M3-ing”?

I initially assumed the last, but the more I thought the less I was sure.