Custom Titles Queue {Please make your requests in this thread}

Please enter your current title and what you want the new title to be as a post in this thread.

  • The basic rule for Custom Titles are that they are supposed to be fun, so nothing offensive.
  • You can’t use something that is already a title of some sort in the system (Moderator, Admin, Charter Member, etc).
  • Self-deprecating titles are Ok, but you can’t insult someone else. So I could change my title to “old fat guy” but I couldn’t use “Ned is ugly”.
  • In the past, the staff had to change a couple of custom titles due to them being politically offensive, but overall there were very few problems.
  • If you wish to include your pronouns, that is an option. See my title for an example.
  • Requesters should have been here at least 3 months and have more than 50 posts.
  • There is no charge
  • Max length of title is 40 & at this time, no emojis.
  • After we make the change, we’ll move your post to a completed thread.

The 2010 thread:

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Thank you so much!