Customer service tech jobs anywhere?

I’m looking for a job like a good college student should.

I’ve heard of customer service jobs being great opportunities since they don’t require you to be in that exact location to work… and I love being in my boxers at home.

I have a strong background in computers/networking/and general IT. I was a computer specialist, etc etc etc etc… blah.

Anyone know where to go to look for a job to apply for like this? any ideas?

The town I live in is DRY with jobs… its a college town and theyre all taken… plus I would like to work in the computer field.

part time or full time is awesome.


I just happened to see this article yesterday on

My experience is that tech jobs that allow you to work from home are rare. Typically, they’ll fall into office jobs or jobs where you drive around from location to location. Perhaps they exist in some markets, but around here - even with lots of tech positions and tech support jobs - I’ve never seen them advertised.

Telecommuting jobs from local companies for customer service exist but they’re not that common. Customer service is a field that has a lot of turnover and most call centers don’t want to spend the money to set it up. There are companies that do purely “virtual” call centers, but the pay is minimal. You’d be an independent contractor with no benefits, and you’re paid by the call or by the minute; such jobs often end up paying less than minimum wage. Also, there’s no guarantee of shifts or hours, so people who do this on a routine basis often work strange split-shifts at all hours in order to get by. This would include many in that CNN article (like Alpine Access). Overall, not something that I’d recommend unless you’re housebound, but if you’re interested, google for the “Work Place Like Home” forum. Keep in mind, though, that many of these companies will charge you to apply (to cover the background check) and to be trained.