CutePDF question

Does anyone else use this program? It’s just a free PDF-making thing that’s pretty handy, except for one thing: I have a bunch of 500-page PDFs that I want to extract from. So I go into one of the files and “print” a 10-page excerpt from it to a separate file, but that small 10-page file is the same size as the full document! In other words, the small file is still 5MB or whatever. But I just want to email the excerpt, which shouldn’t even be 1MB.

What am I doing wrong?

P.S. I scoured their support page but I don’t think English is their first language and it’s making it very difficult to find answers. Thanks in advance!

I can answer part of your question:

Yes, I use CutePDF, too.

Id switch to the free software called PDF Creator. It lets you specify the dpi you want to use in your document and has a lot more features than Cute. Use a smaller dpi if you want a smaller file. 300 or so is fine.

You might want to use something like PDF Split and Merge instead.