Czarcasm you're a dumbass

Thanks for closing my thread for no reason ya prick. I’ve seen you do seemingly random shit like this to other peoples threads too.

Contrary to what your imagination conjured up I was NOT interested in pitting or embarrassing another poster, which is why I didn’t bother including the person who made the original post. I was interested in the opinion on whether the behavior described was assholish, and it appears that there were many differing views. The original poster wasn’t germane to the discussion at hand.

Hell, John T came in and identified himself for Christs sake and you had already posted multiple times in the thread so where’d you’re beef come from?

Now go reopen my thread you jerk.

You’re 0 for 2 in posting to the correct forum. :smiley:

Though I do think that was unnecessary. It was clearly an abstract examination of the situation and not an attack on the poster.

I generally like Czarcasm, but I am totally behind this pitting today. I was just modded in this post for being generally “snarky” in a thread where posters were essentially telling this woman it was her fault that she didn’t fuck her husband enough so he’s cheating on her. Yeah, okay.

I guess this will get moved to ATMB, so I will post as if it already has. But, i agree with the general thrust of your argument. It was a good thread that did not seem like a pitting in any way whatsoever. It created interesting conversations, and neat different stories. In other words, a good thread.

It was especially good, because the back and forth in the original thread was becoming irritating, because it had almost nothing to do with the topic at hand. So, instead of keeping the hijack there you opened a new thread so everyone could discuss it.

You were wrong by the way. I don’t think he was an asshole at all. Sometimes enough is enough and you can’t take people coming to the table anymore, especially after the initial screwups.

Also. Why did Lynn get to post her final thoughts after the thread was closed? Or was that a matter of her hitting post after it having been closed, but since she’s not a regular user the post went through.

Nope. It’s going to be closed, instead. Complaints about moderation go in ATMB, not the Pit. Feel free to start a new thread in that forum, Cubsfan.

I disaprove of this pitting.

You should have started a poll asking if Czarcasm was an asshole.

I was composing my post when it was closed. I didn’t preview, so I didn’t see that it was closed. Since I have admin status, my post went through. I figured that I didn’t need to delete it. I’m answering this question after THIS thread is closed so that everyone understands what happened.