D & D on the Straight Dope setup thread. (In Middle Earth FA63)

Yep, but a lot easier on the DM to keep track.

Some names Ghan would overhear in the 45 minutes or so he spent inside.

So nice of the trolls to wear name tags :slight_smile:


Hey! Having been a DM myself I know that it makes the whole experience much easier and satisfying if important foes are named. :nerd_face:
Having to ask repeatedly “Which troll did I just hit? How badly injured is he?” breaks concentration … and the experience of being in a dangerous cave. :sunglasses:
Any excuse to maintain the exciting atmosphere is worth using. :wink:

LOL. “Our Wose in Eriador.”

Ghan ‘licensed to fill’ … areas with plants!

“Hello, my name is Hobbitcleaver

“…you turned me pa to stone. Prepare to die.”

^ - nice
Hopefully my comment was taken correctly, using names is fine, and probably better than “Ice Troll# 3”
(and yes, getting names makes sense in game - are the trolls discussing how to prepare their meal? :wink: )


Hi, this is Mirëgol backseat DMing. I’ve been watching your progress though my magic mirror and just wanted to say that you’re doing good. I am quite amused. Just wanted to point out to @John_DiFool that the slow spell allows you to choose up to 6 creatures within the area of effect thus leaving your friends safe. Additionally, when a spell is tagged as concentration all that means is you can’t cast another spell with concentration without the effects of the first spell ending. You can cast all other spells such as Fireball as normal.

Also, as the powerful mage Mirëgol, I can suggest Wall of Ice from your mighty staff would make a terrific passage blockade. Even if they manage to break it they would still have to take damage.

Anything I can do to move the game along? Let me know.

I think we’re waiting on some sort of consensus for a plan.

Glee presented at least a good start to a plan.

Apologies if I’m posting too often, but the DM did ask…

Ghan suggests the party try to get close to the Cave (in daylight) without being noticed by the Guard Warg. (Ghan can give everyone Pass without Trace.)

Then Gwaelur, Ceol, Thornoncir and Bitur rush in.
Their main purpose is to form a line between the rest of the party following them and the 5 Wargs in the first chamber.
If they can hit the Guard Warg on the way, then do so!

The rest of the party enter close behind this ‘wall of death’.*
Any spellcasters with area attacks now blast the 5 Wargs.
The rest of us take on the Guard Warg.

Assuming the Wargs are disposed of, the ‘wall of death’ move to block the choke point at the end of the Cave chamber.
The rest of the party form up behind them.

When Trolls appear, they face four determined Fighters blocking their way, with spellcasters behind.

*well we did win two previous combats quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

This sounds like about as solid a plan as we can develop. We do know a lot of info already, and if things go badly, we can always retreat outside, and at least the non-ice trolls won’t be able to follow.

Apologies for delayed replies – was busy last night and earlier today. Now waiting for the furnace repair guy to arrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Facing 13 trolls is quite a task. The wargs are easy. The troll will add up to a lot of hit points. For the trolls figure an average of 70. The Ice Trolls will be more like 130 on average and the chief a lot more.

If you don’t separate the trolls it will get very ugly. Though being able to retreat into the sunlight will make escape easier as only the ice trolls can follow.

Gwaelur is ready for a hard fight. He is on board with the initial plan to at the very least using this plan to remove the Wargs from play. How do we use the wall of ice effectively to slow the Trolls down and make sure we aren’t overwhelmed?

Teaching moment: “A good bardic taunt”.

Bards can craft songs for a variety of purposes. A taunting song would be a Performance Roll vs. Insight (Wisdom). So pretty effective for a trained Bard against a Troll.

Other factors:
Instrument of the Bards, Canaith Mandolin: Performance your ability to put on a good show is improved when you incorporate an instrument into your act.

If the player actually writes some lyrics that look like they would infuriate a troll, I would give a bonus on the Performance Roll.

People could aid/Help the Bard.

A guidance cantrip could help by adding a d4.

The Divination Mage can expend one of his Prescience rolls to change a terrible roll.

Ceol is actually proficient in Perform with his horn, so he might be able to provide some taunting accompaniment.

I will have to wait until my Saturday evening game finishes to try and write anything.

Perfect, that would give Felareth advantage on his roll. So probably almost every ice troll would fail. He would even have the slightest chance of luring out one dumb troll which would then turn to stone.

Appreciate the tips, Mirëgol. :rainbow:

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