Damages (tv show)

I recently discovered Damages on Netflix, and have been binge-watching for the last several days. It stars Glenn Close, who is wonderful in anything she appears in, but there are several other good actors as well. It’s a legal drama that’s different from most shows.

I have seldom seen such a high level of backstabbing and lying–it’s wonderful! :slight_smile:

Everybody is willing to betray everybody else, and everybody has a separate agenda. And everybody seems willing to break the law, as long as they think they can get away with it. And there are plentiful side dishes of blackmail and murder.

I like how the show is filmed, too. It keeps jumping between the present, past, and future, which can be done very badly, but is very effective when done well.

I somehow missed it while it was running originally, although I have a vague memory of hearing the title a time or two. But now I’m making up for lost time.

Loved the show when it aired on FX - it switched to DirecTV for the final season. Very good from start to finish. Great acting, intriguing plot and always kept me guessing.


It’s decent. It’s no Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, but I thought it was worth watching. I liked Zeljko Ivanek’s character the most (he plays Arthur Frobisher’s attorney in one of the early seasons).

I binged on it last year. Loved it. Wished there were more episodes to watch.

I thought about looking for an old Damages thread to post in, so I guess this is my lucky day. I binge-watched the first season recently and I started watching the second season.

I thought the first season was pretty gripping, but in my case I have an “uncanny valley” for plot twists, double agents, and “I know that you know that I know that you know that etc.” shenanigans. So up to a certain point that kind of stuff will suck me in deeper and deeper until I reach the point where nothing that comes next can surprise me (Glenn Close is a vampire and Rose Byrne was working for the KGB all along!) and after that I lose interest rapidly.

I watched about half of the second season and it seemed like more of the same, except William Hurt was less interesting than Ted Danson, so I gave up. Glenn Close was still great, though.

(Note: I also thought The Wire declined quickly after the first season, so there’s no accounting for taste.)