Damn you, KFC, Damn you and your left-overs!

I sit here trying not to get grease on my keyboard as I chew on some leftover chicken.

The Colonel found a human truism ensuring his world domination and financial success.

You could sell Extra Crispy Chicken without Chicken and make a MINT. The parts that bring me (and secretly, you) the most pleasure are the mouthful parts along the edges that have no chicken in them.

Would you eat french fries the next day? No.

Would you eat a Sub sandwich? In a bind, I guess, faced with starvation.

But Chicken (and I guess pizza) are sooo good the next day. It shouldn’t be legal how good it tastes. Course, the fact I don’t know the 11 herbs and spices and don’t have access to a pressure deep-fryer mean I will be forever indebted to the family of Colonel Harlan Saunders.

So. whaddaya eat that’s as good or better the second day?

Turkey usually tastes way better the second day than fresh out of the oven as well. Must be like the chicken phenomenon.

I have found that tomato-based foods always taste better the next day (or two).

Spaghetti, lasagna, etc. They do have the disadvantage that you have to heat them up again versus eating them cold like pizza or fried chicken, but it’s a small price to pay.

But dang, leftover KFC. Very hard to top that one, uh huh.

Gotta admit. When I get some KFC I tend to get too much so I can have some for breakfast the next day.

Generally, leftovers give me the heebie jeebies for some reason…I hate how they look, all cold & stiff in the tupperware. I have to get my husband to heat them up so I don’t have to look at how yucky they look coming out of the fridge.

The only 2 exceptions I have to this rule are fried chicken and pizza. I love both of them, straight out of the fridge and ice cold. Yum yum yum.

Ah good, I’m not the only one in the universe who does that, then. :slight_smile:


I make up a bag, dump it in a bowl, and set it next to my computer. I get a good four days of occasional snacking out of it.

See right there is where you will never have world domination and be our chicken eating overlord.
If the colonel truely wanted to rule the world he would buy chicken skins from the guys that market skinless chicken breasts. He would then prepare these with original recipe style and sell them.
I would sell my soul (and waistline) for a bucket of those.
Ist day or 2nd day they would be great. The hard part would be putting the bucket down so you still had some on the 2nd day.

I like pizza more the next day. I’ve bought pies specifically to cool down and put in the fridge for tomorrow.

There aren’t. Someone got a sample and had it tested. All they found was salt, pepper, and msg.

Well, that’d just be false advertising. Something the Colonel could EASILY sweep under the rug of world domination.

Cite? :dubious:

Its in a book-Big Secrets by a William Poundstone.

Pot Roast, in addition to being so simple even a confirmed bachelor can make it, has the quality of tasting better the second day. I further postulate that most dishes that are crockpot friendly share this quality.

Isn’t wine supposed to be better if it’s old?
And cheese too.

I must be the only person on the planet that hates cold leftover pizza. I can’t stand coagulated cheese. It just tastes … old to me.

KFC, on the other hand … I almost like KFC better as cold leftovers than hot and fresh chicken. The flavours of that awesome crispy coating melding with the chicken – it almost should be a controlled substance. Even just the coating, dipped in their gravy … damn. Good eats.

Turkey is awesome cold, too – I love cold turkey sandwiches with just a bit of salt and butter.

Cold pizza is nasty. Cold KFC grosses me out (the grease, great Og the grease). And I really don’t like leftover turkey either. I may be a little strange.

Cold real homemade fried chicken? Oh yeah baby!
Cold steak, cold ribs, cold hotwings… these are a few of my favorite things.

Wrong. I used to own that book. Re-read it.

From here.

They got samples and had them tested. All they found was salt, pepper and msg.

I will get the book and quote to you from the page.

I won’t be able to post by the time I find it (and it does say that) but I will e mail you and then you can post that I was right.