ive been here for a day and i notice something the same in every message board…someone is always bitchin about how the board was so much better way back when how people had intelligent convos…shit changes get over it

haha just thought u like to no

Pinheads rool! Yay!

What are “convos?” Thanks.

Is a convo like a convoy?

Rubber Duck this is Big Bear we got ourselves a couple of Smokies up ahead…


Which thread are you talking about? If you can’t link it can you describe it?

Well then, welcome aboard, dumb bastard. Guess we’ll get over it eventually.

Goddamnit. Another bastard that seem to think that capital letters are for other people to use.


Madkins: Welcome to the boards. Spelling and grammer go a long way here, just so you know.

Well, yeah. Change is good. If we still insisted on intelligence, proper spelling, grammar and puctuation, and…you know, generally not being a clueless fucking moron…well, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of your company, maddy.

Madkins: Forgot to add: you are a flaming cockwad, and you can lick my huervos.

Or failing that, can you hum the first few bars, and the rest of the band here will try to pick up the thread beat?

I think it’s 4/4 time sam :cool:

If you can’t hum it, can you at least give a description? Any distinguishing marks? Tattoos? Scars?

And, Madkins, darlin’,–I suggest you learn about “the whoosh.”

Whenever you join an organization, you find out that its heyday has just passed.

Paraphrased from John Crowley.

I think a Groucho Marx quote might be more appropriate; “I wouldn’t be a member of any organization that would have me as a member.” Or something like that.

feather: You took the words out of my mouth, I was going to post that, damn you!

We got a great big convo…

I can’t remember how the rest of that song goes.

Like, u no, like, I cant beleeve it, like, OMG! Like, uve been here ALL day?