Data base errors, still, again....

It is impossible to measure how weary I am of database errors.

The performance of this board is frighteningly hit and miss.

Often I can get to the front page and no further. It takes forever to load a chosen forum only to come back ‘Data base error’.

The only thing I am wearier of is telling you people, who clearly don’t care/have the power or ability to fix, these problems.

I think I’m about done here. I can’t convince myself anyone really cares whether the subscribers are getting service or not. And honestly, I won’t likely believe whatever company line you are currently using to satisfy the minions. You have flat out misled us about the performance issues so often in the past.

I’m tired of waiting and paying for service, no matter how cheap, of such poor quality and reliability.

I bet I’m not alone either.

I got a database error trying to open this very thread.