Datig site where women post on behalf of guys?

I seem to remember that there was an online dating service that rather than let people post about themselves would have the female friends of guys post on their behalf. Unfortunately my Google skills are failing me and I can’t seem to dig this one up (it may be it is gone now…dunno).

Anyone remember this and if so point me to it?

Thanks in advance!

Besides misspelling in the title I found what I was looking for. One last Google try did the trick.

For those interested…


Seems to me, no ex girlfriend, no matter how cool she is or how successfully you’ve managed to turn a romance into a friendship, will pick you a next girlfriend that’s thinner, taller, prettier or smarter than she is.

Good point. I am just more curious to see what she does with it. That said not all girlfriends are ex-Girlfriends (<–note capital “G”). Some are just friends, some are married to friends and so on and now I have found it am considering having one of them (who I can trust) to maybe have a shot at it. Lame maybe but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained.