Dating is like Fishing

Tripler’s Theory on Dating & Fishing
A treatise by Tripler

Dating and Fishing are eerily connected by the procedures neccesary to obtain a desired end state. Given that in Dating the prome objective is to find that “special someone” through which love can be shared, and given that in Fishing the prime goal is to land that “trophy fish”. Be it resolved that that “special someone” and that “trophy fish” can be summarily described by one word: a catch. However, in order to examine the eery connections between Dating & Fishing, one must look distcintly at key components of both events: Bait, Location, Method, Weather, and Luck

Let’s take it by the numbers:

It’s about the Bait you use:. Some folks swear by it, others just figure it’s a complication. With fish, you need to know what bait works best with certain types. Some may like spinners, others go for fishing flys. It’s the same in dating, some women like the strong “bad-boy” type, some men like the “wild-girl”. Dependent on the type of catch you are looking to “hookup/land”, bait is chosen with a particular type in mind. No successful single/fisher goes out just to catch anything. Keep in mind, if you walk into a sports bar, a tuxedo is definitely the wrong bait. . .

Location, location, location. It’s all about location. In some lakes/bars the catch is not biting at all, while in others the catch is just throwing itself into the boat/dropping numbers in your wallet for you! Depending on the type of trolling you prefer, some lakes/bars are better than others for your catch. Some places you feel better about trolling in, others not. It’s all about how you want to approach the situation. Once you find a good lake/watering hole (coincidence?) it gets that much easier. . .

Method! Obviously, the best single knows when to use a line on the same level that a fisher knows how to pick a spot on the lake. Sometimes you get a nibble, sometimes you nibble on the other’s line. You also need to have a method for seeing which fish you decide to “throw back”. Maybe the fish isn’t too long enough, and maybe he seems just too redneck for you. It’s all about personal style and method… One method common to both endeavours is the drinking of beer. Strangely, both are performed relatively successfully when the single/fisher is somewhat relaxed. It also helps if the fish are drunk too . . .

Weather Sometimes, the sun shines on ya, other times it just rains. You can’t help what you can’t control. Obviously the clouds/your mouthy friend can keep the fish from biting. But that’s no reason not to try to troll. As with both Dating and Fishing, make sure you wear sunscreen.

Lady luck, and how she stings. Sometimes it’s just pure luck if you land the catch. You can’t explain it, you can’t control it, the catch took the bait, and you reeled him/her in. Sweet, isn’t it? Just make sure you can filet. . .

In conclusion,

I see Dating and Fishing as the same endeavour. Both require finesse and timing, and a huge application of strategy and tactics. Both usually go hand-in-hand with beer. Once I realized that everyone is trolling, it got that much easier to deal with. Ya just gotta get out there and drop a line in the water if you wanna catch a fish . . .
This isn’t as funny as I hoped it would be. . .

It’s an interesting theory.

I see a flaw, though.

If a FISH hears you talking about throwing out bait, landing it, and reeling it in, it doesn’t care.

If a GIRL hears you talk about dating as it compares to fishing, and discovers that you think dating is just like fishing in that all you do is get the right bait and let it sit out there until some REALLY unlucky fish happens to nibble…

Well, you’re going to land a lot of folks who bear a lot more resemblance to fish than I think you want.

Unless you LIKE the sort of girl who’s taken in by transparent gestures and the same boring beer-goggled conversation.

Nah, it works both ways. I only applied it to fishing because I thought it seemed eery. Oh I’m sure girls have similar theories. It’s not like the girls aren’t fishing/trolling for guys. They have their bait, method, ya know. . .

And there are plenty of girls out there who fish. I’m sure they get my drift (pun intended). . .

There’s your problem right there.

You’re not in high school any more.

You should maybe put more effort into actual women.

This from the self-proclaimed wallflower? :smiley:

This is so true. Some species prefer nightcrawlers; others prefer red wigglers, but the most important aspect is knowing exactly how to use the worm. Knowing where to put it and when as well as knowing when (and how) to work it and when to let it lie, are all crucial to continued success. Specialize - a good angler, through detailed study, can often entice the same prize to bite again and again. A poor angler, OTOH, may find that he is the only one touching his worm.

::sigh:: I wanna go fishing.

Of course if your trip to the local watering hole is not fruitful you still have the master bait.

If you have to chip through ice to get to either, it just ain’t worth it, IMHO.

I never said I was good at ice fishing. Why do you think I play hockey? :smiley:

And I’m no Wayne Gretzky at that either!

Pshaw. Dating is not like fishing.

Dating is like prostitution. Except that you deal in commodities instead of cash, and the price negotiations take a lot longer.

Is that why when I smell that wonderful diesel oil, gently cut into blood worms, and get that fresh ocean smell, I get… Excited?!!

Not to hijack, but what the hell does THAT have to do with ANYTHING?

For crying out loud. What IS it with people this week? The moon? Are the planets aligning in a strange and mystical way, the meaning of which eludes me? Have the aliens landed?


Well, you were trying to tell me to go after women, when you have described yourself as a “hermit”. It’s like the blind leading the blind here. . .

I like to wear a little diesel oil behind the ears on dates myself.

Well, you were trying to tell me to go after women, when you have described yourself as a “hermit”. It’s like the blind leading the blind here. . .

I like to wear a little diesel oil behind the ears on dates myself.


I think Hama’s original point was that instead of looking for girls who might be fishing as well, you should try for women, instead.

Just a thought.

#1) Damn lag. Now I double posted like a moron.

#2)Falc- Oh! I get it. I’m not saying I’m looking for trollers. It’s just the way I kinda make light of the whole ‘dating game’.

I’m digging myself a comedic grave with this one, ain’t I?

It’s cool Trip. I thought it was funny, and an interesting comparison.

But Falc’s right. At almost 22, I’m still just a kid to some of you, but, I’ve already totally tired of the “dating scene”. Going someplace to try to find that “catch”. Someplace where everyone gives you just a once over to see if you measure up to some impossible standard.

I’m afraid I’m just a 5" fish in a 15" limit world, and I’ve tired of getting thrown back.

Who is blatently ripping off Trip’s sig style. :smiley:
[sub]But, I’d still buy ya a round.[/sub]

Yes. But we (well, some of us) love you anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m strictly into “catch and release” at the moment.

With a snow shovel, I presume!

Another point you missed, Tripler, if you are successful fishing, your fingers can smell funny afterwards.

::prepares for groans::