Dating Michelle

Ok guys!
Who here wants to date Michelle and why? 1.her pic 2. her wonderfully fun personality 3. Do they seem real?

I am hoping that she will be reading this so make your best possible case as why she should date you!

I would love to join in for all three reasons but, I’m almost positive Michelle and my girl wouldn’t double up on a guy like me! heeheehee


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Count me in. I actually sent in my resume but the commute would be a killer.

Where have you seen her picture? She doesn’t have a web page listed in her profile.

I’m happily in love now (getting married next year), but I give her maximum respect for working at the job she does. I always imagine that people that have careers where they take care of others (e.g. nurses or in her case veterinary technician) are kind-hearted. That’s an attractive personality trait. From your comment on her picture, I imagine that she’s good-looking. So she probably doesn’t have any difficulty in finding dates anyway.

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Thank goodness! I thought this was gonna be some kind of weird carbon-14 thing.


Much better than the other option, Manhattan. Cuttin er open and counting the rings.


Surprisingly, despite being cute as hell, she says she does have great difficulty getting dates. I can’t figure that out - maybe she’s got crazed-killer-eyes.

Unfortunately, like the farmer, it’s quite a distance to go see her for me. Shucks.

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Well, if she isn’t putting me up on my Teeming Minions US Tour, I guess she don’t wanna date me! :smiley:

Yer pal,

Can’t figure that out GL? Join the club!!! I think she’s putting us on.

Frankie: In answer to your questions: 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Yes.

Michelle: If you go for Homer Simpson types, I’m definitely your man!!

On a more serious note, Michelle really DOES come out as a kind, intelligent, pretty young woman who any normally constituted male should be delighted to have as a friend/lover.

Wow! A thread for me that doesn’t have anything to do with animals! :slight_smile:

Frankie: you are correct…no double teaming for me! I like it one guy, and one girl (me). Sorry!

My pic is for real, as well as my personality, but I know at least one Doper here who would probably think I am somewhat less than fun. Then again, I didn’t think too much of him either, so I guess we are even.

Funnee: I never heard back after your intial submission (of a resume). What happened? :slight_smile:

Arnold: No, I don’t have a web page but my pic is on Opal’s TM page. Hopefully I will be able to get over to a friend’s house soon and scan some more pics for Opal to post under my profile.

Also, thank you for the comments regarding my job. I get more support from people here than I do from most of the clients who have had pets under my care. Heck, many times even the VET doesn’t get much thanks. I do like to think that I have a caring personality but I have to admit that most of the time I care more about animals than I do people! Not people I am close to, just a lot of the ones I have to put up with at my job.

And Guano Lad was correct, I do have a TERRIBLE time with men.

Manhattan: I never heard back from you after your first letter either…

Satan: I offered you a place to stay on your trip, but it doesn’t look like FL was on your chosen path…

Omni-not: Homer Simpson? Sure, why not? I’m to the point where I can overlook a lot…hehehe…go ahead and submit a resume!

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Oh yeah, this thread wouldn’t have anything to do with my posts in the Fake Breasts thread, now would it?? :wink:

If’n it wasn’t for the distance and age differential…

She looked awfully cute in the picture on the other thread. Likes cats: major bonus. Just too young for me.

peas on earth

Strictly as an objective bystander, I cannot understand why Michelle doesn’t have difficulty leaving home every morning from having to wade through drifts of lovesick suitors piled up on her doorstep.

There was a very interesting topic on the difficulty men have finding sane, sexy, funny women. Can’t help but wonder what in the wide, wide world of myopia is wrong with the males in proximity to Michelle? She’s a fox, she’s funny, she has a great heart and fast mind…so if any of you guys can explain this flagrant waste of a rare natural resource, it’d be an education.

My two bits (inflation),

Thanks, Veb. I’m not sure what it is about me either…but sometimes I feel like the most unappealing creature on the face of the earth!

Anyway, Bantmof, I am not sure how old you are, but I am 30. I can pass for about 10 years younger than that though.

^— anonymously he mumbles

I wanna see this picture everyone is talking about …

I look at extremely attractive women and automatically assume they’re already spoken for, because they’re clearly the kind who could pick and choose!

Never assume!

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The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat. If I can be bothered.

Yeah, you looked about 18 in that picture.

I’m old enough to be your father.

But if I was somewhat younger… :-).

I agree with Guano’s assessment. Most guys see a really attractive women and automatically think, “taken”.

peas on earth

[Note to self: Must get resume to Michelle by end of year]

RTA–no doubt speaking for many–did state I wanna see this picture everyone is talking about…

Michelle’s profile, photograph included, is located at Opalcat’s Teeming Millions site:

Wow! Michelle, you are really a knockout! Let’s see, gorgeous, compassionate, witty, intelligent and single. Ummm, I can’t see the downside.

I’ll work on that resumé and pass it along.

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Well, ya see there was a request for a photo and it got lost in the mail… Umm yeah, that’s the ticket.

Note to self : Acquire digital camera, perhaps the lens is less likely to crack…