Dave's Mom's Pies: Pick 'em Here

My sister, Dad and I watch Letterman’s Thanksgiving show every year together and predicting Dave’s Mom’s Pies has become a tradition. We get three regular picks and a bonus fourth because sometimes there is a fourth pie. All picks count, so even if there’s only three pies, but your bonus pick is correct, it counts.

There is no prize for your prognosticating prowess save only bragging rights. I’d like to give out pie, but screw you, I’m not UPS.

Big Sister’s Picks: Cherry, Pecan, and Pumpkin. Bonus: Apple.

My Picks: Key Lime, Chess, Apple. Bonus: Sweet Potato.

As you can tell, I’m feeling dangerous. Bring your picks and we’ll see who can predict the pies with impunity.

I say Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple and bonus pick: Sweet Potato

Pumpkin, cherry, rhubarb. Apple for the bonus.

And, in case of a tie, I’ll predict the refrigerator is full of beer.

Remember, kids, this is not a competition… this is merely an exhibition.

Come Friday I didn’t have a new episode of “Late Show” in the DVR. Did Dave not do a new broadcast on Thursday, or did something else conflict with my recording?