Days Gone

Anybody a fan of this game?

It’s a violent game about a drifter who is looking for his wife. He spends months helping out survivors in multiple camps spread across the United States, and he fights hostile survivors, animals and infected humans called Freakers, that can come at you in large hordes. You can travel around by day or night on a motorcycle, and I found the game got really interesting once it warmed up. :slight_smile:

It’s on the PS4 exclusively, so no.

It made my year. So I’m happy! :wink:

I’m planning on picking it up tonight, actually. I used to work at Sony Bend (the studio that developed the game), and it’s set in a fictionalized version of Bend, Oregon. I’m looking forward to seeing the sights again.

Oddly, I’m kind of a fan of the game despite not having a PS4. I’ve watched a couple of people play it on Twitch and found it extremely engaging. It’s got a strong “one-more-mission” pull and some really outstanding worldbuilding. They made a genuine effort to make their Freaks (the rage-virus mutated “zombies”) make sense and there’s a lot of lore tucked away to explain things.

The story is on a slow burn at first, as the protagonist is focused on immediate problems. It picks up intensity later on, but if you prefer to take your time with it, there are a lot of open-world side missions and challenges.

ETA: It does still have its share of glitches, but they’re mostly amusing glitches, not rage-quit bugs. Skating bears, teleporting zombies, and getting stuck with (non-damaging) fire on the protagonist come to mind.