DC/VA/MD Dopers: Misnomer @ Blues Alley on 3/22!

I’m a jazz singer, and am coming to the end of an 8-week workshop: for our “graduation,” the other participants and I will be performing at the iconic Blues Alley on Tuesday, 3/22 @ 7pm. :cool:

Tix are just $10, and there’s a $10 minimum.

The program is mostly straight-ahead jazz – stuff from the Great American Songbook – with a few lesser-known pieces scattered about. There will be 11 singers, each performing 3 songs, and we will be backed by some outstanding professional jazz musicians (really: we’re ok-to-good, but the band is way out of our league grin).

There will be two sets, which the club is considering to be separate shows: the first one starts at 7pm, and the second one starts at 9pm. I will be the first singer in the 7pm set, and if you buy a ticket to that one you will most likely (almost definitely) be able to stick around for the 9pm set without having to pay another $10.

If you can make it to Georgetown by 7pm on Tuesday, please consider supporting us/me! (This show is not a fundraiser, btw: $10 is the cheapest ticket Blues Alley would allow, and proceeds will mostly go to them and to paying for the band.)
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Damn! You’re performing about a month too soon for me. I’ll visit my mom next month.

But, congrats on this. Very cool.

Side note: My now wife barfed her guts out in the bathroom there back in 1981. We had just finished a huge drinkfest/mealfest at A.V. Ristorante with a large group of coin dealers. But, she came back and watched the show like a trooper. Doc Severinsen was the performer.

Thanks, samclem – and good Blues Alley story. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The club is saying that the 7pm show is sold out, but one of the other performers was able to buy tickets for it over the weekend. So if you were thinking about buying a ticket at the door, it’s up to you whether you want to take the chance. This is a great problem for us to have! There are still tickets available for the 9pm show, and I encourage attendance at that, you’ll just miss my performance.