De Blasio eats pizza with a fork!

I suspect John Stewart will have an opinion on this. I’m just not sure this guy is right for New York.

He’s taking away horse drawn carriages too.


I never ate pizza with a fork in California. I can’t eat it any other way up here in sloppy-wet-mess country.

Proves he’s a communist.

Well, thats a topping I’d never order anyway.

I like eating pizza with a fork too.

And yes, I’m a native New Yorker.

Oh great, another excuse for Jon Stewart to break out his greaseball New Yorker schtick.

I eat pizza with a fork. He’s got my vote.

No politician wants to risk a photo of themselves looking silly while eating. They’ve all seen the Michelle Bachmann corndog pics.

Please tell me that this isn’t a real “scandal”.

This is all just a sick joke … right?


I think someone on another message board hit the nail on the head when they said this is basically the New Yorker version of the flag pin bullshit.

It’s nonsense, of course.

I started eating pizza with a fork during college. There was a local pizza place that would put down plates and silverware when they gave you the pizza. So I tried it. Hey, less mouth burning! Less mess! Sold!

It’s like those idiots that insist that hot dog must or must not have mustard or whatever on it. Your food, your choice. My food, my choice.

I have to say, this is very encouraging for De Blasio. At first, everyone was panicking about NY going back to what it was like in the 70s, but now the only thing they’ve been able to find wrong is the way he eats his pizza.

Depends on the kind of pizza…

No, it’s not a real scandal. People will laugh and make some jokes and that’s about it. The New Jersey bridge closure story is a scandal.

About freaking time.

Knife and fork? What does he think this is, Chicago?

The fork is used to hold up the end of the pizza and guide it into your mouth, to prevent the toppings from slipping off. It doesn’t look like he is cutting the pizza knife and fork style. I don’t see the problem.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I found the Bachmann corn dog pic more hot than silly.

People can’t operate their touch screens if their hands are greasy.
This could start a trend.

Prof. Napkin and his new invention may have something to say about that!

As long as he doesn’t eat his Snickers bars with a knife and fork.