Dead Space

Perhaps another thread on this already, if so, sorry, but I cared not to look.

Anyone playing this game?

Haven’t gotten too far in yet, just wanted to hear some real opinions instead of all these rave reviews, so far, seems fairly decent, but not very entrancing. Good solid story, but I’m finding it hard to get really into it…does that come later?

I Just finished it, I really liked playing it ,lots cool aspects: severing of limbs, the zero-g jumping ,the freeze ray, totally integrated H.U.D.…but it didn’t get gimmicky, the story was interesting and had some really scary moments, the sound effects were cool especially in the unpressurized area’s.

The controls on the xbox are a bit clucky…but that is something I actually prefer with a survival horror game, I played using only the basic gun( for the achievement of course) which gave the game for me a extra bit of lethality

I thought it was a really decent game, in my opinion they succeeded in what they tried to deliver a good filmic survival horror game, with a nice back-story,

Only thing that annoyed me was the main character’s name……Isaac Clarke

That got me too >.<

I guess I’m gonna have to jump in and see, meanwhile, keep ‘em comin’!

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Sorry, I know where you’re probably coming from, not wanting to dig up old threads, but I mean, if you just want opinions to read, they’re right there.


No problemo!