Deadpool 2!


I saw the first show this morning and I give it a big ol’ thumbs up!

There were a few times where they broke the 4th wall and it fell flat (really flat for one of them; like 2 audible "what the fuck"s) but those moments are thankfully brief and then they move on (usually at a full run).

Domino totally fucking rocks because the actress plays her with just the right amount of casual cool mixed with deliberate intent! Yukio is cool. Josh Brolin was excellent as Cable.

The cinematography was great; there were a couple of shots & sequences that I was just in awe of the technical mastery on display and the final product was no-doubt art.

Good script; good direction; excellent opening credits and I loved that they took their time getting to them.

My only complaint is that LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out wasn’t actually in the movie. That’s a huge demerit IMO.

Still, I can’t wait to see it again!

Oh yeah, I got a nifty metal popcorn bucket too.

Yeah, this was just as funny as the first but an over all better constructed movie. Domino was great, Cable was great, fucking Dopinder was great… TJ Miller was just kinda there.

I was wondering how they would handle him, seeing the recent news about him. I’m guessing they filmed this before he got accused, probably edited him out where they could, and only kept a little bit of him that was necessary for the story.

Sorry to hijack - please go back to enjoying the film!

I saw it last night and thought it was pretty good, though not as solid as the first film. The lack of Vanessa was a big downside for me, and I’m wondering if Bacarrin was pregnant with her daughter when they shot most of it. I was seriously hoping she would discover her own powers in this one.

Some of the gags were great. Learning why the X-men were never around when Wade came there was hilarious, the cameo of the Vanisher, and the end credits sequence. Hildebrandt is still killing it as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

I could have done with less Dopinder, myself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard at a movie. Much as I enjoyed the first one, this is a big step up.

I don’t think the heart off two was as good as one but the jokes were hysterical and the action enjoyable, overall I’d get it 4.5 out of 5.

I’m curious what jokes fell flat at the showing above at mine the closest that the movie came to it’s jokes missing was people were laughing too hard from the last joke to hear the next one.the Fatal instinct /baby dick joke might be my favorite

God almighty, I didn’t realise: you might have picked that one of the rednecks when Cable first comes back in time was Alan Tudyk. Apparently, beneath the heavy makeup and fake accent, the other one was Matt Damon. He’s credited as Dickie Greenleaf, from The Talented Mr Ripley.

That was the lamest joke for me and it went on much too long. It was basically a re-hash of the gag in the first film when he lost a hand.

Some of the comic book writer jokes fell flat at mine, most people would have no idea who the guy who is unable to draw feet is or get all the jokes about Cables pouches.

I liked it. It was as good as the first one and that is a good thing. I also liked the moral center about nit killing and thought it was ironic, in a good way, for that to be the motivation of a Deadpool movie.

I don’t know if it was a step up from the first one, but mainly because the first one was different than any superhero move we had seen. This one is less of a surprise. But it was good, I enjoyed it and laughed a few times.

The thread title says open spoilers so I’m going to mention my favorite exchange (roughly quoted):

DP: Why don’t you just go back in time and kill him when he’s a baby? Or kill his mother or baby Hitler?
Cable: It doesn’t work like that… I only have two charges; one to get here and then one to get back to my family.
DP: Well, that’s just lazy writing.

A fun romp. I hope they do another one. My favorite bit was Deadpool going back in time and “fixing” history. It’s official, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern never happened!

Anybody else catch the cameo by Brad Pitt as the Vanisher?

Also, the other redneck discussing butt hygiene was played by Matt Damon.

I saw it today. I really liked the first movie. Sure, it was slight in terms of story, but it had a good rhythm and made me laugh my ass off. I had similar expectations for this film, but it felt it wasn’t nearly as funny and there are several BIG problems with the story that no one seems to be noticing.


The good.

• I really liked the Domino character, and Zazie Beetz is extremely good and, holyyy sheeet, HOT AF. You know, I would rather just have seen a rom-com or something with her in it than this. Or a Domino movie that was well-written, but superhero movies are apparently hard to write. I haven’t seen one with a satisfying story for a long time.

• Negasonic and her new girlfriend are cool. Totally unused, but cool.

• Some funny lines, I guess. That’s about it.

The bad.

• None of the action setpieces really did it for me. I don’t really think the direction was actually, you know, good. You know how sometimes you see footage of the movie being made and how, if it’s not the actual footage from the movie, it looks ridiculous? You know actors on wires, green screens, fake lighting… Chunks of the movie looked like that to me. Example. The scene with the kid outside with fire burning in trenches and police tape up, etc. Just looked like a totally fake set, not even trying level.

• In terms of action setpieces, it makes zero sense that this convoy of mutants is being transported right through the heart of a big city. Where da fuq are they going, to the county jail? They’re being transported from an icy wilderness in the first place! Oh, and why are they being transported?!

• Let me get this straight. There is a torturer/child abuser/something bad at work with tons of evil nurses or something at the X mansion with Professor X and the X-men right there, not stopping it?! Did I get something wrong about this? Are those two different places? If it’s supposed to be two different places, it sure isn’t visually clear at all.

• The kid is annoying. Not sympathetic.

• To me, Cabal doesn’t really work. Not terrible. Not really all that interesting, either. Not like, “Wow, badass!” The dials on his gun also look like spare parts from Radio Shack, not future tech. Dunno, he ended up feeling rather superfluous, even though he’s supposed to be a main attraction of the film. Domino was 10x more interesting.

• OK, so the plot/message is to save the kid from being evil by preventing him from taking out this guy who is shown to be evil–while at the same time icing a bunch of mooks in white who are involved in the same abuse? Come again? Deadpool even shoots one of the mooks in the head, instantly, based on what the kid tells him when the kid is distressed and blowing shit up outside the orphanage. And Deadpool is about to kill the guy the kid wants to kill and later prevents from him from killing but is stopped by Colossus. What? None of this makes any sense in terms of said plot/message and it’s neither interesting nor compelling.

• The Juggernaut’s inclusion and the battle involving him are kinda just totally crap.

Yeah, basically it joins the bulging ranks of superhero movies with a shit story. I don’t get the enthusiasm, really.

Wasn’t the X mansion, it was an orphanage and was named after Mr Sinister.

Yeah, didn’t make sense. They look similar, though, and are conceptually related. Plus, why was a super-powered kid at a regular orphanage? Stupid, perhaps, but I was confused.

Yes, it did make sense. No, they don’t look similar except that they are both buildings. It wasn’t a regular orphanage.

Well, I don’t think it makes sense, and the nature of the orphanage was inadequately explained. Now, you may be able to point at specific lines of dialog or whatever in which it was technically explained, but it was not well presented in a cinematic way. That’s just one point, however, in what amounted to a plot that didn’t work for me at all.

Both buildings have a castle-like look to them. Old-style architecture. I’m sure there’s a name for it.

I thought it was fairly clear that the place Russell was living was a home for mutants, but not a loving home like the X mansion, but rather a “reformatory”, where parents would send mutant children to “cure” them.

Ie, an analogy for gay conversion therapy.

It never crossed my mind that it was the same as the X mansion.

They (DP, Colossus, NTW) travelled from the X Men mansion to the creepy sinister orphanage (which was basically a conversion-therapy hellhole for teenage mutants whose parents think you can just try not being a mutant, not a regular orphanage). It was pretty plain that they’re two separate entities. Fair enough if you missed it because you weren’t digging the movie, but it was pretty obvious.

OK, let’s just grant I was not paying enough attention at that point. :slight_smile: