Venom to get his own movie

According to IMDB/Empire

Venom always has/is been my favorite Marvel character, and when I learned he was going to be in Spiderman 3 I was excited, but disappointed in the execution. I mean Venom was supposed to be 3 times the size of Spidey, and they cast Topher Grace??

Here’s to hoping they cast someone who is ripped/cut/huge like Venom is supposed to be!

It better have carnage.

I believe this will happen as much as I believe the Deadpool movie will happen.

…I don’t really believe it will happen.

Holy shit that picture is AWESOME.

Who drew that? Are there more?


For the record, I have no idea how to actually get to those pictures from the homepageof the site they are on. I found the Carnage picture through a Google image search and the second one by just doing some URL manipulation and crossing my fingers.

Wow, insane that I made this thread a decade ago and I’m just now coming in for an update to it.

The latest trailer is out

Things I don’t like: The plot seems pretty generic, Tom Hardy’s accent, the movie is apparently a hard R and the trailer isn’t red band, the fact that the trailer screams THIS IS THE HERO at you, the fact that is honestly doesn’t look like THAT good of a movie, the villain seems only meh

Things I like: The movie doesn’t look like total crap, Venom looks scary as hell, the fact the Symbiote has its own consciousness and voice, the overall casting, the fact Carnage is apparently somewhere in this film

Things I’ll give it a pass on: The origin story and the motivations for the main villain are pretty dumb, but if you can’t have Spiderman in the movie you can only do so much. I’ll reserve judgement on this til I see it. I’ll give them a pass on Venom’s size too. I would like to see him get the Bruce Banner --> Hulk treatment from the MCU, but I can see this direction too.

Things I LOVE: The fact the Symbiote says “we”. It’s just a small detail, but it’s something that Venom has always done in the comics. It’s this small attention to detail piece that gives me hope the movie could be better than expected. The writers did their research on what makes Venom Venom…so that could be good.

Turns out I was wrong on both… we got Deadpool and we are getting Venom.
The first trailer was bad and seemed like a different movie…my wife saw it and right before the title came up said “New Ghost Rider movie? Wait… who is Venom?”

People are saying it gives them a late 90s Spawn vibe… they aren’t wrong.

A Venom movie without Spider-Man? Are we even still talking about the same character, then?

And what studio is making it? Is Venom a hero or a villain?

It’s a Marvel movie. In the comics Venom started out as a pure villain, became an anti-villain when he developed some redeeming qualities, and I believe is currently an anti-hero.

Looks like the movie is starting him as an anti-hero.

It’s a Sony movie, not Marvel, and it’s “adjunct” to the MCU. So no crossovers with Avengers, Spider-Man, etc.

Looks like you’re correct. When I saw the trailer though, it played the “Marvel” intro, so I just figured it was MCU.

All the non-MCU Marvel movies say “Marvel.” MCU says “Marvel Studios”

Yes, from what I remember, the reason Venom is the way he is is because the symbiote used to be bonded to Spider-Man, hence him having sort-of Spider-Man-like powers and a bit of a grudge when it comes to Peter…

Plus he fused with Eddie Brock who blames Parker for his firing. Venom and Eddie both hate Spidey for independent reasons and then became two peas in a pod when they got together.

This version seems to be good guy Eddie has a bad influence

I just don’t see the point of a Venom without a Spider-man. It’s like a Lex Luthor without Superman.

Because this is a retconned origina story that, in theory, has Carnage in it somewhere

Bumping my own thread again to say Mrs. Cups and I saw the movie last night and we both liked the movie a lot.

I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies and, like I’ve said and is evidenced by the fact that I keep bumping this thread, I really really love Venom, so I was probably going to like it regardless. But that being said, I did have relatively low expectations for the movie and I was pleasently surprised. Let’s play “like it, love it, hate it”…

Like it: The casting worked well for me. Tom Hardy did a great job playing Eddie the way they wrote him. This isn’t your traditional Eddie Brock and I think Tom did a good job where he could. Michelle Williams was underused a bit when it comes to character, but she was good, too. I was surprised at just how funny the movie was. Eddie and the Symbiote have some funny back-and-forths and I laughed out loud multiple times.

Love it: The overall look of Venom. He was big and scary and that’s pretty much all you need when it comes to Venom. The action and CGI were both executed very well. There were times in the final fight where you couldn’t really tell who was who and it was all just kind of a big blur…but that’s par for the course for most CGI fights nowadays so I won’t hold it against them. Frankly, I thought the final fight in this movie looked better/more realistic than the final fight in Black Panther. Remember when the first trailer came out and Jenny Slate said “sym-BYE-ote” and everyone freaked out? They definitely went and re-recorded that which is both appropriate and hilarious

Hate it: The bad guy’s motivation is pretty razor thin and even more cliche. His character development was pretty much nil as well. I get it because they spend a lot of the movie on Eddie/Venom, but I wanted SOME stakes. Also with plot, you could tell they cut a lot of “Eddie and Venom bonding moments” out of it. Venom goes from “Kill everyone!” to “Save everyone!” on a dime. Including those would have dragged the movie down so, again, I understand it, but it’s definitely noticible. They make a big point in the movie that the Symbiote eventually kills its host, and they even have an extended sequence with Eddie being slowly killed, but then it suddenly stops and now Eddie is fine again? That could have used some explaining. Also how did Venom get into Anne (Michelle Williams) and have her be perfectly fine, too? There were lots of plot points missing.

Overall: Like I said, this movie would have to be Spider-man 3 level bad for me to not like it. While the plot had some pretty big holes in it, Eddie and Venom’s relationship, along with the fact that this is obviously an origin story with the hopes of a larger universe, made up for it. The fights are great, the comedy is there, the CGI looks beautiful and honestly the movie could have been A LOT worse than it was.

Last but not least: The inevitable Carnage tease is in the mid-credits scene. God, Woody Harrelson looks stupid. I wish they would have gone with their first choice of Jackie Earle Haley. At the very end of the credits is a scene/teaser for the upcoming “Spider Man into the Spiderverse” animated movie.

Maybe put an open spoilers note on the thread title of we’re going to start discussing it?

I enjoyed it enough. I really wish Sony had held off, let the symbiotic suit be introduced in the mcu and then made a spin off which had Venom there right from the start. Because I thought the origin story was fairly dull and the movie only picked up when
Eddie got… symbioted? But of course, Sony has/had a lot of horrible ideas about Spider-man, so I’m happy it was still a decent movie.

Villain wasn’t that great. Seriously, does every villain’s motivation need to be “the world or universe is doomed?” Plus cgi fights between characters with the same powers are never thrilling.

But Venom himself (or Venom themselves) was great to watch. I loved every moment he was on screen. Though it bothered me there was no big reveal. When he made his first big appearance, they should have at least let the camera linger a little dramatically. But he instantly started speaking. Oh well.

We just saw it and really liked it. It was a lot of fun.

I would agree with these points. I rolled with it during the movie, but after it’s over, enquiring minds want to know!

I notice the blurring of the two symbiotes during the final fight, but I took it as purposeful; it mimicked a comic book and the two entities (and 4 at times) were merging and separating.

It’s interesting. I haven’t seen it - I never liked the Venom character much - and I would have been it would tank.

But it did about $80MM domestic and $125MM international for a pretty good start. On the other hand, audiences didn’t rate it highly (B+) and critics ain’t loving it. That doesn’t indicate strong second week performance. For example, a rating of B+ is the same as Justice League and Suicide Squad. That means the second week drop should be between 55% and 60%.

I’ll be interested to see how it carries.