Venom to get his own movie

Good grief. It’s a far, far better movie than Justice League or Suicide Squad.

I would say a B+ rating is quite high. Plus the disparency in critics/audience ratings tells me it’s a better movie than it looks because your average joe is liking it, and they pay the bills.

This is pretty funny. But at least you came back for a mea culpa!

I saw this at the urging of my 18yo son; otherwise I would have passed based on the bad reviews. NPR’s Glen Weldon said the box office is being propelled by a demo massively skewed toward males under 25, even compared to other superhero movies, so my son certainly fits. But I’m in my forties, and I liked it. It’s not a masterpiece, but I think it is being significantly underrated by the critics. I would rank it right in the middle of all Marvel movies to date (including MCU and FOX stuff as well). I liked it a little better than the IMO overrated “Logan”, in fact.

I am surprised however to see praise for the CGI, which I thought was pretty bad. But it was somewhat modestly budgeted for this type of flick ($100M), so they presumably couldn’t afford to make it look really good.

I was probably going to skip this even though I see most superhero movies in the theater but my daughter wanted to go.

I thought it was pretty well implied that Eddie was fine because he let Venom eat living meals. At one point Venom threatens to start eating his liver if he doesn’t get fed. The others died because they were cut off from any food source. I also assumed Anne was fine because she was host for a short time.

I also felt that they implied the change in Venom was due to feeling Eddie’s feelings for Anne. And also the bonding with Eddie over being outcasts. I do agree the transition was too abrupt.

Poor JJ Jameson III only gets a cameo as a soon to be corpse.

Both from the trailer before the movie and the clip at the end I really liked the look of the Miles Morales Spider-Man animated movie. They did a great job capturing a comic book feel.

Venom finally made it to China* and watched it last night.

Put simply, it’s rough around the edges but very enjoyable.
It’s a dark comedy and absolutely delivers on both counts. Very funny, good action and because it’s an anti-hero the plot leaves you guessing several times (although the finale is obvious).
My GF tends to be squimish about gross-looking aliens but said it was her favorite marvel movie and that venom was “cute”. Women, amirite?

My main gripe was actually Tom Hardy. I’m normally a fan of his (I don’t understand the criticism he gets for Bane – he helped make a “meh” character iconic). But here, he comes across as drunk or something through the whole movie. I get that he’s supposed to be a loser and also understandably is trying to cope with having an alien symbiote share his brain but…it’s a little uncomfortable to watch a movie where the main character looks unsettled throughout. But it’s a minor gripe.

  • Incidentally, I wondered if there were some china-specific scenes. Was the elderly, blind chinese woman in the US version? And the shopkeeper speaking Mandarin? Also…do we ever actually see Venom bite off any heads (wasn’t in this version, and it’s the kind of thing Chinese cinema would censor…)?