Deadpool and Wolverine (new trailer in OP, open spoilers)

Looking forward to this one. Liked seein a glimpse of Cassandra Nova in action, but I’m wondering if there is significance behind casting the character with a 28-year-old. Does that mean the setting is the past?

That was great. You really get the hatred that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman feel for each other in real life. And I especially liked the giant Ant-Man helmet with a skull inside.

Is this a real thing or is it more like the Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon “feud”?

Are you claiming the Kimmel/Damon feud is fake?

Oh my goodness, should I have spoilered that? :astonished:

The funniest part was the shop called “Rob Liefeld’s Just Feet” (because he’s infamous for not being able to draw feet).

This article makes me die laughing every time I read it.

Very much looking forward to this movie.

Until Ryan and Hugh cut a music video, Kimmel/Damon wins just on the strength of this:

This makes me think we’ll be getting some elements of a real Old Man Logan adaptation.

New trailer for Best Friends Day:

Love the way Logan just calmly walks along with Wade’s katana sticking through him.

Was that the Ancient One at 39 seconds? Is this the official MCU/X-Men/Deadpool linkup movie? (Apart from Ant/Giant Man, but a live character makes a better crossover)

No, that’s Cassandra Nova.

It has to be because Wolverine is dead.

MCU Wolverine is dead. I think this movie leans heavily into the events of Loki and the Multiverse. That gives them a way to recast/reboot just about everything as needed.

Bring on the Variants!

Has their been a connection established between the X-Men and MCU movies? I thought the only crossover was Xavier in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, and that very definitely wasn’t the same Xavier as the X-Men movies. AFAIK mutants & the X-Men don’t exist in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is revealed to be a mutant at the end of her miniseries, which is AFAIK the only mutant actually in the MCU at this point.

That’s the point of this movie. They are bringing everybody into the fold - Avengers, X-Men, everybody. That’s why Deadpool refers to himself as the “MCU Messiah.”

Then in the end credits scene of The Marvels, Monica Rambeau has jumped into the X-Men universe. They’ve been slowly building towards this for a while.

…soo…are the “open spoilers” in the thread title for the movie or just for stuff in the trailers?

Got me. :man_shrugging: I’m going by what is in the trailers and what Reynolds, Jackman, Feige and others have let leak to the public.