Dealing with evil co-workers

Hi y’all,

I’ve already commented on a similar thread but wanted to start my own where I can express myself and have others comment on my situation. I’m generally a quiet and reserved person, and I come to work to do one thing – work. The women at my office have the tendency to chat incessantly and because of this, I find it difficult to concentrate and get work done. This one woman (looks like Jabba the Hutt) talks so loud to where I can hear her through my noise cancelling earphones. The problem is, the more they know that I’m trying to concentrate and get work done, the louder and more obnoxious they’ll become. They will gather around my cubicle and start laughing SO loud that the entire flood could hear it. They’ll stomp the floor with their feet just so they can get me upset, then they’ll laugh it up. Btw, these are grown women who are actling immature. I’ve had suggestions of just keeping to myself and ignore it all, but the more I try to keep to myself… the more obnoxious they’ll become. What can I do about this situation? Btw, they talk major trash about me and guess what? I don’t say shit to anyone and respect everyone there.

This sounds like something out a cartoon not a professional office environment. What do your supervisors say when they are doing the elephant stomp?

As side note what the hell do you do that this sort of behavior is allowed to go on?

Read a bunch of good advise and then completely ignore it and/or tell us it’s too difficult or it won’t work.

I haven’t done anything to deserve this. There’s a few good people at my job that keep telling me that they can’t find any fault with me so they’ll do whatever they can to ruin me in any way they can. I tell ya, this place is sick as hell and the people are twisted!

It’s mostly that I work with ghetto people and the supervisors are too chickenshit to tell them to calm down. I stood up and politely told my rude and obnoxious co-workers if it’s possible that I can work without them disturbing me all the time, and I was villified by the end of the day. I’m hoping that I can find another job somewhere else where it’s more professional. I’ve work at almost 20 jobs and never once had enemies. This is the first out off all the places I’ve worked at where I’ve encountered such wacked out people.

I am in a similar situation except I have only one insane chatterbox/pain in the ass/moron to contend with. I also wear great big old school headphones to block out her obnoxious voice, but if she really wants my attention she will come over and knock on my desk.

I have asked my boss to please change my seat and she is working on it. Unfortunately I work for a giant company and it is not as simple as picking up and moving my PC to another desk. I also take notes and complain to my boss on a daily basis because I am hoping my squeaking wheel will get greased quickly. I have told my boss that I dread coming into work because of Ape Woman and if I don’t get away from her soon I am going to quit.

Would a seat change be a possibility? Maybe if you weren’t sitting where it is convenient for the Ape Women to congregate they will leave you alone.

I had thought about changing seats but nearly every location has a loudmouth. My blood pressure rises when my co-workers arrive at work. The floors literally shakes when they’re shooting the breeze (during work time) and being loud. The supervisors discussed the noise problem with the entire floor about 50 times so far and nothing has changed. I tried to see what would happen if I got loud just once around them, and they retaliated by talking so much trash about me to where it would be inappropriate to even discuss the evil things they said.

Do you think you might be able to go out on short term disability due to stress?

Yes, you will still have to find another job, but you will bring attention to the matter and make a positive difference in this world.

First, write up a complete description, document events - including civil requests that they not congregate outside your cubicle and requests to your boss that s/he deal with the issue - until the day before you doctor’s appointment. Name names. Submit to your boss, HR, and your friend the lawyer.


Yep, no lack of respect there. How come you have had 20 workplaces? I am honestly wondering because this sort of behaviour going on would usually be shut down really fast by bosses who want work done unless they dislike you too.


Some people prefer and even thrive on temp positions. It would be a red flag to follow up on if someone were applying for a full time/long term position, but not so much if they’re just looking for a fill-in or an extra body for a specific project.

Ah, this explains it. I didn’t know Jabba the Hut lived in the ghetto.

Have you ever lived down in the ghetto? 'Cause there’s things going on that you don’t know.

There is an app for that.

Tape recorder in your desk drawer, recording the conversations and played back for supervisor. Keep copies off premises.

Ahhh…too quick to judge me without knowing my background. My goal in life is to move forward and to seek out higher paying jobs. With each new job, I got a higher salary. I didn’t quit because I hated the job, I quit because I found higher paying jobs.

I make one bad comment about one of the main people who are the cause of the troubles at my workplace; one of the people who have been the cause of the harassment at my workplace for over 10 years, and I’m immediately villified. Sorry for not being perfect in your eyes. This is just like the example I spoke of earlier of them who villified me because I got loud just ONCE. Anyways, I appreciate the advice from those (sorry, not you) who weren’t too quick to judge me. Someday, I’ll find another better paying job and be outta here!

Say what?

Some random points

One: Look, most of us who work in an office environment have to deal with some horrible people. The snitch, the gossip, the loud mouth, the brown-noser, et al. The trick is how to mitigate the craziness and endear yourself to those who should be your blood-sworn enemies. So bring in donuts or cake or treats. At this point, you’re going to have to buy their love. Spend ten to fifteen minutes a day shmoozing. Or suggest a pot luck lunch so everyone can talk at one during lunch. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s the environment. Either you need to adapt or leave.

Two: Document, document, document. You can complain that they’re not getting work done or you can show proof. If step one doesn’t mitigate the problem, having proper documentation of what’s going on would. Whether it’s audio or video recordings, get some done.

Three: Talk with HR and your boss. Show them your audio/video and demonstrate that not only is it affecting your work, but that their productivity level must suffer as well. In other words, these people are stealing from the company.

Four: Don’t take matters into your own hands. Telling them to quiet down will only make you look like an ass in their eyes.

Let’s go down to the ghetto and throw stuff in there!

I cannot help but be curious as to what state and what sort of business.

And whether, by any chance, you make a habit of buying cases of beer for your dog.