Dear houseguest, I can't *wait to hear this one explained.

This is why I love the British.

Hmm. I would’ve just left and assumed it was their responsibility to find me. Probably called one of their cell phones and left a message, but that’s it.

Maybe they found some of those hot babes Montreal is known for, and decided to go straight.

Straight to her house, that is, for ahem French lessons.

I’m like John Mace. If someone wants to cut off on their own, I assume they’re grown up and can take of themselves. I would’ve probably waited a while and then just left.

I assumed it was sarcastic, something along the lines of the interminable jokes involving ‘has teh gay’: Doesn’t bad grammar equal irony on the SDMB?

It was either that or a really, really bad attempt at lolcatz-speak.

:smack: That’s far more accommodating than I was. I reckon should do that from now on. Perhaps I should have a little presentation box of them next to bed too. And a dildo. What is the page reference in Debretts Correct Form? :wink:

So did you roll over for him?

This is the one circumstance where “don’t ask, don’t tell” would work best for all involved…

I do try to be an accommodating host, but my charm in that circumstance was limited to giving him a condom - then giggling myself back to sleep about the enormity of the gaffe. I’m not sure if his wife ever found out - I suspect she’d have been mortified.

Why do we assume it was some sort of “whoosh”? Why not assume that it is a duck (quacks like…) or a horse (…hear hooves, not a zebra…).

Make sure to add a politely worded sign about washing the dildo after using. The should be thoughtful of the next dildo-using guests. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coincidentally, I saw a pattern in a knitting book for condom covers today. jjimm, I’m pretty sure I could work one or two up and send them to you, as a favor to someone I’ve known and liked for a long while. Besides, it could liven things up next time someone asks what I’m making. The gentleman, by the way, suggests a good response to the request would have been, “Why? Am I invited?”

Ribbed stitch, I presume.

Actually, no. But since I’m reinventing (or unventing) the pattern, arrangements can be made.

The nerve. At least when I left a party Saturday night, I had the courtesy to inform the host that I’d just puked in his bathroom.

And I had the presence of mind to quip “The worst thing about kids is what they bring home.”

I then proceeded to spend the next 11 hours puking my guts out without hitting bottom. All that and I was designated driver too. Yippee :rolleyes:

Just out of curiosity, what do these look like? I’m picturing something like a very small change purse.

But what if it whooshes like a whoosh?

That’s giving the poster the benefit of the doubt, at least. Most people around here will hang themselves if you give them the rope to do it, and snarky humor seems to be much more prevelant than unexplained homophobia.

Since matt_mcl doesn’t live in the US, he should be safe.


Hey Matt!

Can I crash at your place when the Grand Prix comes to town?!?

I’ll be good, I promise…