Dear Morning Guy: It's 2:00 AM and I'm still up.

I know you have to be at work at 7:30, and you have an evening class at the college to teach after school, but I, Evening Guy, don’t really care. I can act with impunity. Sure, you’ll be bleary-eyed all day, and cranky as hell when your Children’s lit class convenes, but that’s your problem. Right now I feel like posting to the SDMB and reading comic book reviews, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Ah, a kindred spirit again!

Just like I don’t feel that I have to answer the phone, I also don’t feel like I have to get up early. I had a night job and I intend to get another night job if possible. I am a night person. I don’t care if others don’t think it’s “normal” to stay up late and get up late. It’s none of their business.

One thing that peeves me—Morning Persons assume that a Night Person sleeps too much. Because, after all, they are getting up at 10, or 11, or noon, or whatever! But if you go to bed at 3 or 4 am, you kind of have to get up at 10, 11, or noon.

Actually, a lot of the self-righteous Mornine People who accuse me of sleeping too much probably get more sleep than I do. I don’t always get a full eight hours. Or even seven or six hours. But I got up at noon so that must mean I slept too much.


Seriously though, Night Girls in the apartment downstairs: I know I’m normally up until well after 6 am, but that doesn’t give you license to play astonishingly loud fluff rock until 5:45 when I have to work the next day. I know it’s Spring Break and all, but this is a grown-ups apartment complex so let’s keep the loud wailing confined to your bedrooms.

Oh, and next guy I poke a broom over my balcony railing to rap your friends smartly upon the hands- smoking a cigarette need not be accompanied by frantic screaming, because there are only three other people on the goddamn porch- I do NOT expect the broom to be yanked from my grasp.

Anyway, I hope the three-subwoofer setup I cobbled together using my roommate’s computers worked nicely when I turned it on at 6:30 AM today, and I hope you’re all now big fans of The Safety Dance because it was set to repeat until I got home.

I have found my new hero, move over David Hasselhof!

As I read the OP, it’s not about #6 talking to someone else – it’s about the person he is in the evening, talking as if to the person he will be in the morning. I know what he means; sometimes you are just enjoying what you are doing, staying up late, and leave the consequences for the sleepy person you will be in the morning.

I note that he didn’t post this morning in this thread… :wink:

They can dance if they want to.

I initially took it as a whiney “screw you neighbors, I can do what I want to even if it disturbs you.”

I hope that your interpretation is correct NE Texan. That makes Number 6’s post really cool and entertaining.

I had a note on my door today :slight_smile:

Can’t relate the contents outside the Pit…

It better be, because it is a direct reference to Seinfeld.

If the OP isn’t talking Seinlanguage like I claim, you should really write a sitcom.:slight_smile: Please make it as good as Seinfeld, so I won’t have to miss it so much.

Of course Morning Guy didn’t post to the thread this morning. After I deprived him of sleep last night, he hit the snooze button three times and barely had time to get to school on time. He was thinking I’d put us to bed at a reasonable time tonight. The fool. Tomorrow is Friday. That alone is enough to sustain us on as little as three hours sleep when something important must be done the night before, such as rereading early issues of Runaways to try to figure out who the mole is.

I may let Morning Guy have six hours of sleep tonight.