Dear Peice of wood in middle of road, I am pitting you!!!!

This makes me so mad!!!

I was driving down 322 tonight, and I notice a brown object in the middle of the road. Well, idiotic me thought it was just a harmless piece of cardboard. Can you say WRONG!!! It was a healthy piece of wood or something like that. I nailed that baby, which caused my cd player to stop for a good 3-5+ seconds. This killed at least 2 songs on my cd, or at least just in my car’s cd system. The cd system in the car seems more sensitive than my home system, which is a cheapie boom box. Well, I kept hearing a sound that sounded like a flat tire, but I found out when I got home that the tire was just fine, but there was a good piece of the plastic wheel cover that broke and cracked. While I was driving, I was testing my alignment and that seemed fine. As a matter of fact, the whole car seemed fine. I am going to take it to the dealership tomorrow morning just for them to do a quick inspection to make sure it didn’t damage anything else that I can’t see.
Anyway, does anyone know what a new plastic wheel cover will cost me? I can’t stand having an imperfection like that. If it’s cheap enough, I might change the other one which scraped up against the sidewalk when I overestimated the distance between my car and the sidewalk when I was parallel parking. Thank you all so much.
and btw, :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :worried a lot while driving and still worried:

oops. I didn’t think it took this the first time. It said no forum name or thread specified.

Sorry to hear that. I had to do some stuntman emergency swerve around what appeared to be a small couch onetime.

Bizarre indeed.

Those plastic hub cabs? Shouldn’t be too expensive, really.

A skipping CD-player… Sony?

It’s whatever they put in the car. I hit that piece of wood so hard it must have scratched the cd. It takes a lot for the cd system in my car to skip like that.

I’m just saying because I used to have a Sony CD player that skipped whenever you passed within 50 meters of a pebble. Damn, what a piece of shit that was.

Me too, Coldfire! Not to mention it was too sensitive to play any home-burned CD or even a library CD that had been borrowed a few times…

I hope the guy who bought my car used is not cursing my name over it now.

322, huh? Planet Mars anywhere near State College, then?

Just visiting some friends down here. LOL!!!

Also, I just realized that the stupid rim on my wheel was bent also. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

At this point, it might be good to realise that “it’s just a car”.

I know, easier said than done, but it’s true. First off, you could have swerved, lost control, and killed yourself. Sometimes, hitting something is the best way of dealing with the obstacle. Secondly, frustrating as it is, cars will get dented/scratched/fucked up over time.

I got a new-to-me car 4 months ago, and so far I’ve already hit a bicyclist with it (thank God he was a-OK), resulting in a nice tear in the front bumper. Then this week, a sheet of ice fell off the top of a truck in front of me, and dented and scratched my roof.

It happens. As long as I and everyone else around me don’t get hurt, “it’s just a car” works as a mantra for me.

I got a little ding in the back side door, got hit in the rear end, but that just scuffed and scraped the paint, have a scrape on the front bumber.

I didn’t realize it was a piece of wood. I thought it was harmless cardboard. I’m just glad my tire didn’t blow and it didn’t cause any other apparent damage. I will have the dealer take a look at it tomorrow.

and this car just turned 1 last night.

I’m also glad I’m over my new car blues. You know, the extreme worry over every little noise and every little thing that could happen to it.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Honestly, the best thing to do is to kick a dent in the door the minute you pick it up, new, at the dealer’s. Get it over and done with. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of what happened to me today, when I was driving down the highway behind a pickup truck with a trashbag in the back. Well the trashbag ripped open, and among assorted trash a kids three-wheeler bike was thrown at my car.

oooh!!! Did it miss you?

On I-275 today heading to class, I had the fortune of flying over a 6-foot section of stockade fence. I couldn’t swerve, cause the lanes were packed. Hit it at 75 mph.

How on God’s Earth a single piece of fence fell out of its transport without any of its neighbors eludes me. Perhaps it was the only fence section being carried at the time. No damage, tho.

I like Coldies idea of kicking the door in when you get a new car and getting the pain of the first ding over with. My last two cars (both big 4WD, SUV…apparently i have a small penis according to another thread about cars) have been damaged within three weeks of getting them and I leave the scars there because once I get one ding I don’t notice the rest.

On the last car I tore off the roofracks on a treebranch while tearing around the snowfields of victoria, scratched the roof right down to metal…friend rolled that one for me not long ago.

My new mammoth, fossil fuel guzzling, iron bound, death trap (which is necessary for transporting music gear, camping trips and deflecting the odd straying cow or retarded kangaroo at two in the morning, which is common in these parts…try doing that in a civic!) recieved it’s first scar due to some incompetant fuckwits attempt at parking her monster truck next to mine. After she scraped half of the drivers side of my car with hers, she then started to drive off, i saw it happen as i came out of the shops and was a bit pissed to say the least. When she started to leave I got super fucken agitated, spitting nails and pissing fire pissed. I took off through the carpark to cut her off at the exit, my girlie was yelling at me to not do anything stupid, i got to the window off her car and instead of yelling and abusing her told her quietly that if she hits someones car in the carpark again it would be nice of her to leave a note, even if it just says your sorry, because the next person might not be as calm as me and smash her head in with a wheel brace…the wide eyed look of terror was satisfying enough. I left it at that…it’s only a car.

$350 to fix it.