Dec.22 2002-The Day The Music Died-RIP Joe Strummer

I can remember this day 6 years ago like it was last week.

I recieved the news while at the Winternational concert at the Metro in Chicago. It’s kind of funny, the band that was playing did a Clash cover(Career Opportunities) and said "Joe if you are up there, this one is for you!) My friend and I both thought that Strummer was in the balcony and quickly tried to make our way up to meet our hero. It was only then did we figure out what the singer meant. We drove around listening to the Mescaleros and drinking beer for the rest of the night.

Now 6 years after his demise I feel we need him around more than ever.

We Miss you Joe, can’t wait to meet you someday.

That’s why the Sundance Channel was just playing Let’s Rock Again, I guess.

Not much to add. I miss the guy too. Buying London Calling for a few bucks at the Englishtown Auction in 1980 probably changed the direction of the next 10 years of my life more than I’d care to admit. (The mural on Avenue A in NYC.)