Delaware Coin - truth or UL?

Rumor has it that a few hundred Delaware quarted were minted with a bad mold & one of the horse’s hooves is missing. Supposedly, these are worth some 3 or 4 figure sum of $$$ because of their rarity.

Anyone else hear this? Fact or fiction?

Sue from El Paso

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I don’t know, I only have 4 of them and they have all three hooves.

Actually that was the POLISH quarter that is missing the fourth hoof.

These rumors pop up quite often and usually leave people disappointed. On the other hand, there are some very valuable error coins that make it into circulation. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly free money. In order to find them, you need to learn a lot about the coin market, collector demand, and coin manufacturing (i.e. coins are not cast in molds, they’re forged with dies).

This should answer the immeadiate question in more detail than you probably want…

State Quarters Mistakes

Thanks, Phil!

What about the story about new Delaware coins being made because the ones that were out weren’t being accepted by some vending machines? Fact or UL?


I’d believe it. I haven’t had that problem myself, but I’ve heard several people complaining that the Deleware quarters are rejected by machines.

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