Delsina's Daily Dilemmas

Hi Everyone: You may know me as the woman with the sick Dog Ollie. He is still doing good, and I am spoiling him like crazy.

I just wanted to come here and vent. You see, I am a good person, never got into to much trouble. I always kept my nose clean, worked, stayed away from drugs, etc.

However, the power(s) that be have had me playing out my life like it is April Fools Day everday! I cannot catch a break. Everything that can go wrong, really does in my life.

Just today, it was brought to my attention that my stepchildren were in the news. My husbands kids, all in their 20’s got into a massive fight. One stepson got konked in the head with a hammer!! I am totally not even kidding. Now it is in the news, all the craziness, the dangerous hearing, stay away orders etc.

This comes following two weeks ago, when my husbands niece was featured on the news as one of the MA Most Wanted. Oh yeah, and my brother in law is trying to get in touch with me from prison. After serving 10 years for bank robbery, he needs a legit address to be paroled!

I feel sooo bad for my two children. I keep them away from all the drama, but I am afraid they will inherit the curse. Why oh why did I marry an idiot with a crazy family? One moment of weakness, and a lifetime of bizzaro. : (

Be careful what you wish for :confused: