Demographic information

Hey - I am considering moving in the next year or two. I am trying to find out as much information as I can about possible locations to ensure a good fit between myself and the new location. One of my concerns is voter orientation. Does any one know of a web site that will allow me to view the distribution of registered voters in a particular city? For example, I would like to find out what percentage of the city pop is democrat, republican, independent, etc.


The best advice I can think of is to find the results of the last presidential election and see how that county voted.

The Almanac of American Politics (which isn’t online) will give breakdowns on different congressional districts, but that will all be based on the 1990 apportionment, so the info may not be all that useful.

Start with the election results of the state and then see if you can move down to the county level. Since the presidential race was so close, the breakdown in that race should be somewhat indicative.