Demon's spawn in carparks

First, some background.

We own A car (as in just one). Its a Toyota Hiace, which is a bit longer and wider than the usual Hiace models. Plus we have a roofrack on the top. Much as I would like to have a smaller car to run around in, we need this monster because of the nature of Mr’s work.

So it REALLY PISSES ME OFF when I go to a mall, and am unable to find a parking space in the open-air carpark, because so many JERKS in their tiny lawnmower-engine cars have parked there, when there is a perfectly good multi-level carpark on top of the mall! Especially when you consider the shortage of these open-air type carparks here in Japan.

I know they have as much right to park in the open air carpark as I do, but they shouldn’t. I spent 10 minutes driving around and around the damn carpark yesterday waiting for someone to leave so I could park in order to run a 5 MINUTE ERRAND, glaring at these Matchbox-size cars the whole time.

Why can’t people show a little foresight and consideration for others? I’d rather NOT be driving, I would rather ride my bicycle but the doctor has said I’m not allowed to. I’d rather be driving a smaller car, but its not possible. Is it REALLY that hard to drive into a multi-level carpark and park a car the size of go-kart?

USE the stuff between your ears, people; its not there for decoration.

(I know it wasn’t the greatest rant out there, but I DO feel a lot better since getting it off my chest).

Some of my most persistent irritations come from people who simply refuse to think about what they’re doing and how it affects other people. I suspect that a lot of what people do that makes things more difficult for other people is done by people who have never even considered what effect they’re having. I think the world needs a good slap upside the head.

Toyota Hiace

(For all you 'Murricans who wouldn’t know a Toyota Hiace if it ran over your toe. Like me.)