Der Trihs, a moment of your time, if you would.

I’m sure you’ve been pitted before. This is how it works:

I’m going to call you a douche, and a coward, and a person who genuinely creates feelings of ill will via a written digital medium. Not an easy task.

In the past, you have outright called me a liar, and my brother who has served in Iraq a liar.

You regularly jump in any Iraq thread to talk about how you hope American Soldiers die, how the Iraqi insurgents are the best thing since sliced bread, etc.

You’ve made it very clear that you hate this administration, and quite possibly this country.

I invite you to leave. Please.

I am willing to bet we could get a fund drive to get you a plane ticket to Iraq, so you can join the glorious fighters whom you admire so much. Never mind the fact that the ones who would be most likely to accept a foreign fighter would also be most likely to kill your ass.

So, to sum up:

You’re a gigantic Fucking douchebag, and that’s a shame. You have some intersets that intersect with mine, and if you weren’t such a whiney bitch about this ONE SUBJECT I think we could get along.

But ANY TIME it comes up, you jump up on your soapbox and start howling like a child denied a treat, and any attempts to use logic and reason, up to and including first hand knowledge, are shot down like so many fleas.

The shit running out of your mouth can only be the byproduct of your privledged soul trying to warn the world about what you really are…

Full of shit.

And really, that’s just a modest sample. If you want, I can dig up the truly foul shit he’s managed to say pretty quickly. There’s just so much of it!

DNFTT, Tristan. I hope your brother gets his ass out of there in one piece.

And as soon as possible.

Oh he’s out… he did his two tours and is pretty much done at this point.

Thank you for the good wishes though…

Der Trihs has been pitted several times before. He’s also said that he will not participate in threads which pit him.

Taking the hot tag from Tristan, I’ll add:

Der Trihs, you’re a motherfucking coward. The best part of you stained the sheets under your mother’s ass years ago. You have no honor. It’s real easy to spew your drivel hiding behind a keyboard where you’re just one more anonymous asshole on the internet. Not nearly so easy to say the same thing within arms reach of someone that can pop you like the pimple on a gnat’s ass you really are.

Opposing the invasion of Iraq is fine. Opposing the Fuckwit in Chief is fine. Wishing death on American soldiers is not fine. It’s also something that is not tolerated in my vicinity. Have I mentioned how much I’d enjoy meeting you face to face?


I almost never say this kind of thing, but he needs to relocate to another country. His hatred of the American military is such that I cannot understand how he manages to willing keep his citizenship. Hoping that the insurgents kill Americans is just … sick and bizarre beyond words.

He doesn’t just hate the military, I truly believe that he honestly does hate America. I actually have no problem with this, it’s his right to do so, but I remain quite puzzled as to why he doesn’t at least attempt to emigrate somewhere more to his liking (then again, who would want him?). America is one of the countries where he is totally and absolutely free to do just that. To simply sit still and stew in the juices of self hatred is an attitude that I’ll never fathom.

It’s not just sick, it’s banworthy.

He should be banned yesterday.


The scariest thing is that he’s not a kid. He’s thirty-eight. :eek:

Sometimes I wonder if he’s actually a pro-Iraq War pundit trying to make the other side look bad. Or something. He scares me.

Fuck you, der trihs. I had a cousin who was over in Iraq, and didn’t even find out that our grandmother had passed until he got back. (Because we didn’t want him to be preoccupied while in danger). Fuck you.

I’m beginning to think that his posts are generated via some custom-programmed anti-American ChomskyBot. He can’t possibly be serious about some of the things he says. If he is I have nothing but sympathy for him, because it can’t be easy going through life being that angry about everything.

Either way, though, he fits pretty much every possible definition of a troll. I think the reason he’s still around is that he’s consistent- rather than doing a drive-by he sticks around and expounds on his angry screeds, making him appear to be far more rational than he really is.

I only spotted one instance of wishing death on the soldiers in all of the OP’s links; the rest appears to be the other things you mention. That’s not to say one instance isn’t contemptible.

While I wouldn’t mind him leaving or dropping dead tomorrow, I think the more American thing to do would be to allow him to speak his mind. I would just mandate that he speak it in neighborhood bars in small towns throughout the country. I’d pay for his gas. He is a mind-numbingly dumb simpleton of the most scummy order.

There have been others.

Indeed – it makes him morally equivalent to someone who chooses to hire Mafia goons as bodyguards.

I wish for Der Trihs to leave his parent’s basement (I know he’s supposedly in his 30s, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t live in his Mom’s basement) and go down to a local bar and say in public the exact same thing he said here.

Does the above statement break any SDMB rules?

Nihilism at its finest.

Go fuck yourself bloody with a rusty ball been hammer, trihs. Feel free to call if you need any help.

It is astounding to me that “Your son is a towel-head” is hate speech, but “I hope someone kills your son” isn’t.

Now, now, as elucidator has pointed out, Der Trihs does serve a useful purpose around here.

He makes the rest of us Bush-hatin’ lub’rulz look moderate. :smiley:

At the risk of being obvious, why don’t you just ignore him altogether? Absent an audience, there can be no drama.