Deroit Lions Fans -Yet Another Question

So last season I asked why the Lions were doing so poorly.

Being the first day of the season and all, I decided to check up on the boys from Detroit again.

Damn…Is this what you folks have to look forward to all season, or was this just a bad day?

I hope things improve guys. :frowning:

Actually, I was suprised they scored 21 against Miami’s D. However, I can’t believe they let them score 49.

Going into yesterday’s game, this is what they have to work with:

The first and second string QB’s had a combined 3 regular season games of experience.

They have a completely revamped receiving corp. Two new WR’s and a new starting TE.

An offensive line that isn’t all that good to begin with, that has fought injuries the entire preseason.

A secondary that has been pourous as a piece of cheesecloth for quite awhile now.

They do have a defensive line that does well against the run at times, and the kicking game is generally good. They have a decent kickoff returner in Howard. But really, you can’t win games with only those things.

Yeah, this is pretty much what we expect. It’s been this way for awhile.

We hope that Harrington will pan out, Stewart will start running good again, the receivers start clicking with the QB, and the secondary gets it’s act together. Honestly, it’s just to much to hope for in one season.

Here we go again.:frowning:

It’s nice to know that there are some things in life that you can count on.

At least the Lions’ defensive secondary can no longer be called questionable. The question has been answered. They’re bad.

The ease with which Miami shredded Detroit is what bothers me. The Dolphins are NOT as good as they looked Sunday. I predict they aren’t going to do much of anything this year beyond make the playoffs.

As Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski put it:

Great. They’re already providing Jay Leno with fodder, after Week 1.

It’s gonna get truly ugly if they can’t beat lowly Carolina next week.

I think Joey Harrington is going to be an outstanding pro quarterback, though. Now if only the Lions can get somebody for him to throw it to, somebody to occasionally run the ball effectively, etc.

The remarkable efficiency with which Matt Millen and Marty Morningwheg completely destroyed a 9-7 team that missed the playoffs only on a fluke is astounding.

Did you hear what Terry Bradshaw said on Fox at halftime Sunday? Something about him expecting Millen to be rejoining their broadcast team by next year.

What a farging mess. And when the Cardinals win a Super Bowl before the Lions, it will remove all doubt about which is the most snake-bitten, cursed, pathetic, sad-sack franchise in football.