Describe X in Y Words Challenge 2013

I was looking through ancient threads that I’d participated in, back in the day, and found a fun game.

I will ask somebody to describe/explain/elucidate on a particular topic and give a word count. The next poster must, as coherently as possible, fulfill my challenge and then issue another. The word count should probably be limited, since this isn’t about writing essays or even long paragraphs.
So, I’ll start.

Describe your greatest triumph in exactly 19 words.

I had a criminal charge, allegation, dismissed after my lawyers poked holes in the State’s woefully unprepared legal arguments.

Next: tell me, in 13 words, your feelings about the superstition surrounding the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia is a sentimental aberration, affecting me not one whit, unless it’s Friday.

Tell me, in 18 words, of the first love of your life.

Despite how much I loved him, there was nothing I could do to make him love me back.

Tell me what you had for dinner in 5 words.

Hamburger Helper and leftover veggies.

Tell me about your favorite hobby in 11 words.

I have started brewing my own beer, and I am hooked!

What do you proudly do greatly, in 22 words?

Did I forget to say “tell me”?
Simon Says: Tell Me, as previously directed.

Every time I have emcee’d an event, it has been a wonderful success, due to the fact that I’m a born ham.

Tell me about a food you dislike in only 6 words.

Everyone but me loves marshmallow peeps.

Tell me how your parents screwed up raising you, in nine words.

I had it too easy, didn’t have to work.

Tell me about one of your birthdays in 28 words.

On my twenty first birthday, I had a black eye. I had previously fallen down at a friend’s house. Nobody punched me, an unexpectedly effective toke downed me.

Tell me in 15 exacting words why you deserve a driver’s license.

I deserve that license because, I believe, I am no worse than those I observe.

In 21 words, describe a gamble you took, and how it turned out.

Invited myself to her house to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones. Later, we made out on her couch.

Tell me about that time you thought you’d regret a decision, but didn’t. 29 words.