Describe your partner ...

This was done on another message board that I visit and I thought it would be fun to do here. So describe your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife … their personality, their quirks, their career and their looks. What do you love? What do you hate?

My boyfriend’s name is James. In two days, we will have been dating for 2 years and 3 months. He’s one of those disguting people who is smart without even trying. For his maths finals, he was allowed to take in two double sided “cheat sheets” with maths notations on them. He used one page and got me to write him a letter on the rest of it so he could read it when he was done. He still has it in a box somewhere.

My parents love him because he’s great with electronic stuff and fixes our TV and our computers. He recently fixed my cousin’s N64 controller after her puppy chewed through it.

He’s 6 foot and has gorgeous pale green/grey eyes. The left pupil looks like it has a triangular slice cut out of it - I call it his pizza eye. He has long, strong legs that miraculously shorten their stride when walking alongside me and my stubby legs in my tottery high heels.

His nose is perfect. He had to get it reconstructed about 3 or 4 years ago when he and his friend were attacked by a group of thugs at a pool hall. He was stronger and knew he could take the punches better. His friend went down with one hit … James saw him go down and knew he had to keep standing or else they’d go for his friend again. They punched him. And he got up. They punched him again. He got up again. He kept doing it until they got bored and left. Maybe his nose is a teensy bit crooked. I wouldn’t know - to me, it’s perfect.

His teeth aren’t straight because he hates dentists. He loves all cats. He loves dogs on an individual basis (not in that way). He doesn’t really care about what he wears, and doesn’t mind when I ask him not to wear his orange hoodie because I’m going to wear my orange hoodie … so we don’t look like a weird orange hoodie couple.

He pats my head when he thinks I’m asleep. When I’m tired, he gives me massages and tries to cop a feel.

He’s not perfect - sometimes he hovers a little, sometimes he feels sorry for himself, and sometimes he’s argumentative and stubborn - but he’s a wonderful peanut and I love him to pieces.

So tell me about your SO. :slight_smile:

That was so cute, Kayeby!

Ok, I’ll bite.

My husband, John is your typical “absent minded professor” type. He is a brilliant scientist (currently doing molecular dynamics) but he once came home and told me that they didn’t sell rice at the store (a large supermarket chain) I’d sent him to. He just didn’t look properly. He’s forever forgetting things. Once, after a friend had dropped us off at home after delivering our broken TV/VCR to be repaired, he went off shopping. He returned home with two MUST SEE videos. We’d taken our TV/VCR to be repaired less than an hour before. These things are humourous 99% of the time. Sometimes, they are irritating.

He is a very well-rounded individual and has a lot of varied interests. Among them are: kyudo, eaido, kobudo, kendo, history (he plays strategy war games and is good at them), politics, music, etc, etc, etc. I’m just generally really proud of him. I love it when he meets a new concept and I can watch the way his mind works. He’s just dead clever.

He is also rabidly loyal and a gentleman (most of the time). This past month, we spent a month in the States and he stood up to my Father (not an easy job) when my Dad was being a jerk to me. He always is able to make me feel better when I’m feeling down.

He is a fantastic father. He is totally involved in our daughter’s life and through his actions and words, we both know we are the top priority in his life. He and I are able to discuss issues about our daughter and work out some sort of resolution. Recently, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and he was my rock. It was amazing how something so devastating can bring two people closer together, when all I wanted to do was curl up in a cave somewhere.

As far as looks, John is tall(er than me), and has um…well, used to have brown hair. He’s lacking follically and it’s very sexy. He has gorgeous green eyes, lovely eyelashes and very kissable lips. I won’t go into my favorite of his physical assets, only to say that the word “shelf” comes to mind. He also doesn’t really care what he wears, but is getting better about just wearing what I tell him to wear.

Basically, he’s a hottie and he’s all MINE, MINE, MINE!

My girlfriend’s name is Tamalene, and you all know her as Heloise.

She’s far more intelligent than she thinks, has a good feel for languages (even elementary Dutch :)), and is an amazing cook. She’s studying to be a chef, and boy, she’ll be amazing once she’s done and lands a job. The only thing she needs to master is to be more at ease with herself, take things as they come - and there’s no reason why she couldn’t be the best chef in the world, if you ask me. But I’m biased. :slight_smile:

She has a very broad interest in a variety of topics, much like me. She has the vastest amount of showbizz trivia I’ve ever seen inside a human brain. She’s incredibly funny, and if she laughs, you can’t help but join in - it’s contageous!

Her looks? Well - she’s simply gorgeous, let’s leave it at that. She’s got much shorter hair now, which -a bit to my surprise- looks incredibly sexy. She’s the kind of person that can wake up with a hangover after 4 hours of sleep, and still look stunning.

She’s got her quirks, of course. She can be forgetful, absentminded. She tends to think too lowly of herself, way too lowly.

She makes me laugh, and more importantly, she makes me think. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Gunslinger is my boy. I know him as Justin - or sugarbee, when I’m feeling wuvvy. He’s got hair that’s just about the color of Hershey’s syrup, pretty brown eyes, and perfect arms. He’s skinny and just muscular enough for my tastes. He’s extremely cute.

He’s a photographer for work and pleasure - he works for the local newspaper and his college paper, and does his own artsy and personal stuff on the side. He has The Eye for it, and he’s great (although I’m biased. :wink: My opinion is shared by professionals, though). He shares my tastes to a large extent, liking the styles of the '30s, '40s and '50s (his favorite camera is a fifty-year-old Speed Graphic) and the cars of the '50s and '60s. He likes those big boat-like cars Detroit cranked out forty years ago. He also likes Jeeps. And airplanes, especially the WWII warbirds.

He’s quite clever. And witty! We share the same sense of humor, which is a pretty unusual occurence for us.

He likes to teach me things. Since I like to learn, this is a very good thing. I’ve learned a lot about cars and cameras from him. This is one of his endearing traits, although sometimes it gets a little annoying if I’m not in the mood.

He’s incredibly useful and handy. He makes me things - he carved a wooden duck-shaped handle for my umbrella, and built me a jewelry box. He can fix things, too. I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head but it’s a very good trait to have, as one of my traits seems to be breaking things. :wink:

He always seems to know just how to cheer me up, and when he doesn’t, he resorts to tickling. He’ll make me laugh one way or another.

He’s prone to headaches. He’s also prone to fits of mad cuddliness when all he wants to do is snuggle and talk babytalk that would make everybody else gag and just wuv.

We can have entire conversations like this:
“Where’s the Thingy?”
“Which one?”
“The one from Place.”
“Oh yeah, that. It’s under the Thingy behind Door.”
“I looked there.”
“I mean the Thingy behind Door with the lid.”
“Ah. Here it is!”
“Why do you need it?”
“I’m going to Thing.”
“Ah. Have a Day!”
“You too, wuvvedest.”

His confidence in me has made me more confident in myself. Sharing my interests with him and his interests with me has made both of us more well-rounded. We are 1,632 miles apart, but just like any corny love song could tell you, we couldn’t be closer at heart. (They’re corny 'cause they’re TRUE! TRUE wingèd potatos!)

I am imperfect. He is imperfect. We are Perfection In Motion. And I love him.

How to describe leechboy??? He’s 6ft something of gorgeous guy.

He’s at uni studying cinema and drama and working part-time as a security guard.

He recites Hamlet to me when I’m tired but can’t sleep (I love that he doesn’t mind that his favorite play in the world puts me to sleep.) He acts in, directs, is the sound technician and makes the posters for various productions at Uni (not all at once). He is always willing to help and once involved puts in more of his time and effort than is ever required. Yet he still finds time to spend with me and doesn’t get too upset if I fall asleep during the plays.

You can ask him pretty much any question about movies or music and he will know the answer straight off. He is a walking encyclopedia of movie and music trivia. I love that he is so serious about movies and drama yet knows I would rather watch “Bring It On” than “Magnolia”, so that’s what we watch. Mmmm cheerleaders Mmmm

He is a grumpy bear in the morning, although it can be fun to wake him up and hold a conversation with him while his head is still asleep. I have to be careful when I wake him up though because his first thought – even when semi asleep is nookie. Before he has his first coffee of the day is only semi-sociable and talks in a funny accent.

It drives me nuts that he can’t remember anything practical (like the list of chores he is meant to do). Oh yes he can list Oscar winners for the last 10 years of the top of his head but can he remember to pooper scoop the back yard!! But if asked he will do it, especially if it’s put in writing.

I love that he is so gentle with animals, that he hugs me whenever he can, that he is so patient with people who drive me nuts, that I’ve never seen him angry.

I love that he understands what’s going on in my head when nobody else does and that sometimes the same stuff is going on in his head.

I love that he keeps me sane whilst at the same time driving me insane.

His website

My husband of eight years is just wonderful. Even though he grew up in a shitty home with an abusive father, he’s slow to anger and very laid back about everything.

He’s so incredibly smart, and he can do anything he puts his mind to. While I can multiply two digit numbers in my head in seconds, he has trouble remembering what 3x4 is. But tell him you need to figure out how far it is between an object on the ground and another on top of the building fifty feet away, and he can come up with the answer. Or ask him how to figure out how to make an L-shaped roof out of cardboard for a miniature building, and he can figure out exactly where to make the cuts and folds. I can measure the same area twice and still get it completely wrong.

He decided he wanted to do all the electrical wiring work in our house, so he has rewired in entirety, several of our rooms already. He bought a book from Home Depot, and just learned how to do it. Thanks to him, over half of our house has had its 34-year-old aluminum wiring replaced by copper.

He’s one of the best web developers, VB programmers, and MS Office programmers you’ll ever meet. He can do ANYTHING with a programing language he knows, if the language can do it. And sometimes when it can’t. Some of the best minds in our company still struggle with the complexity of some of his Excel spreadsheet programs, while at the same time, his code easy to follow and understand.

He’s not just smart. He’s also funny as hell. Our first date, I laughed harder than I ever had before in my life. Eight years later, I’ve surely burned off thousands of calories laughing with him. When he’s in a really silly mood, he giggles, and it’s just infectious.

Good looking? Wow. He keeps himself in shape through a regular exercise routine, has long, straight light brown hair that can go almost white blonde in summer, hazel eyes, and the most handsome face I’ve seen in nine years.

He’s incredibly honest with me, and we can discuss anything. Even after eight years of marriage, we can still spend hours talking.

He has a natural leadership quality. People just naturally gravitate toward him, and seem to turn to him to take charge, even though he doesn’t ask for it. He’s a cool head in dangerous situations. He’s the person you want in the car with you when you have a wreck, or the one you want in your store if it’s being robbed.

He can be very absent-minded at times, and he’s almost unable to actually memorize something without truly learning it (that aforementioned multiplication problem is because of that), but those are minor quirks that only enhance his personality.

He’s my very best friend, and my love for him grows daily.

My partner has five fingers, including an opposable thumb. Some calluses here and there, a little hair on the palm. Sometimes he and I have a three-way with my other hand.

Snooooopy, that’s so sweet.

My guy’s name is Yas. I’ve known him for 11 years, we’ve been married for almost eight.

The first time I met him, I was almost 18 and he was 16. Of course, I thought I was terribly mature and a woman of the world. My first impression of him was “Wow, he’s hot, but he’s too young for me”. Thankfully he didn’t feel the same way and set about trying to change my mind.

He is a bit on the short side, shorter than me, but he is BUILT! Not Arnie-style, but he has hardly any fat on him, just loads of muscle. He has beautifully smooth skin, and a gorgeous tan. He looks so hot in a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt! He has slightly crooked teeth which are very cute, and his eyes are different shapes (I don’t know how to explain it…one eyelid has a fold like a Westerner, one has a fold like an Asian). His “Asian” eye crinkles up when he laughs, and he laughs a lot.

He hates formal studying, but is one of the smartest guys I know. His only vice is he has a short attention span; he will get an interest in a project for a couple of weeks, then move onto something else. But he has stuck with his interest in mountain biking and photography.

He is a great dad. A little on the strict side, I guess, but always willing to spend his free time doing something with the kids. He doesn’t spoil them, but he will go and buy them presents out of the blue for no reason at all, except that he loves them.

He’s a boobies man. He will come up behind me when I’m trying to wash the dishes and paw me, and thinks its hilarious when I drop a plate. He only gives out compliments when they are well and truly deserved, which makes them very special and gives me a warm happy feeling.

I could go on and on and on. Basically he’s a great guy, and I’m glad he was stubborn enough to keep chasing me until I gave in!

Well, she’s purdy, and sweet, and smart, and non-existent…

She’ll start existing someday, though. She just needs a bit more confidence. :smiley:

My man is called Ash.

He is 6 feet tall, sort of medium to cuddly build, with dark blond hair and the most beautiful chartreuse green eyes I have ever seen. His nose is perfectly straight - oddly enough the result of having it broken in a sports incident in his youth.

He has passions and enthusiasms. He likes: conifers, penguins, golf, football, the Beach Boys, technological gadgets and the connecting together of same, tea and bread.

He has an enormous amount of techy gadgetry. I derive benefit from some of these things, such as the IR/RF two-way remote control transmitters, which enable us to change the channel on the satellite TV from bed, and the home wireless LAN. I think other things are pretty darn cool, such as the GPS software and sleeve for the iPAQ pocket PC. Other things kind of pass me by, but he gets immense pleasure from them, and I bask in the glow of his happiness. I think he’s terribly clever to work out how to connect all these things together - they’ve needed a certain amount of futzing about.

He supports Arsenal, and gets nervous when they play. When watching matches on telly, he’ll suddenly switch channel at about the 70th minute, because he “doesn’t want to watch any more”. I do not understand this at all. I have to stay involved with a match. I like the shouting and the passion and the agony. When Arsenal lost the FA cup final to Liverpool the year before last, Ash went and hid in the outhouse and cried. He’s great to watch football with if he doesn’t have an emotional investment in the outcome. We bitch and yell and make pithy comments, and laugh, and it’s great. He informed me the other day that we were “in danger of becoming the new Saint and Greavsie” and I fell about laughing.

He’s quite shy, and it took me a little bit of chasing to win him. The problem is, I’m slightly shy when it comes to asking people out, so we were dancing around each other for six months before anything happened.

He’s also incredibly funny. He’ll just come out with bizarre and hilarious things right out of the blue. He’s funny in a clever way, and also funny in a daft way. We entertain ourselves with silly songs and dances.

He’s wonderfully cuddly. He’s got a furry belly, which he likes to have stroked. He nags me to give him head rubs, back rubs and feet rubs. He reciprocate, so it’s cool, but he is totally shameless about damanding attention, affection and cups of tea.

He’s cleverer than he thinks he is. We have some fine discussions together. He needs a little more confidence in himself - he’s often worried that he’s doing or saying the wrong thing, and that makes me sad.

He’s more practical than me. He has a product design degree, and is especially good at rustling up quick little bits of graphic design. It’s great to have someone around with a different skills bias. It makes discussions more interesting, too. Yesterday, we were walking along the town canal towpath beside the pharmaceutical plant. Looking at a tangle of pipes, he was seeing it from a design engineering point of view, and I was seeing it from a chemical engineering point of view (v basic - I was just thinking “I wonder what gases are in those pipes, and I wonder what process is going on in those bits there, and what the physical conditions are and why”). We shared our thoughts, and it was interesting and fun.

“He’s quite shy, and it took me a little bit of chasing to win him. The problem is, I’m slightly shy when it comes to asking people out, so we were dancing around each other for six months before anything happened.”

Tansu, I can’t imagine, after meeting you in person, that you’d ever have to “chase” someone. He sounds lovely!

He doesn’t work at S-Mart, does he? Has a way with the ol’ “boom-stick”?

Her name is Gina.

I’ve known her for 15 years, but we just got together about 5 months ago. She’s a recovering addict, like me. She’s a very spiritual person. Caring and generous, but with a keen eye for bullshit and good insight into people.

She’s brilliant. She is currently very far away from me, getting her PhD in Boston. She’s a math & economics whiz, but with a strange and lovable weakness for raunchy humor. (big South Park fan). Strong in many ways that I’m not.

She’s very loving, beautiful and sexy. And she purrs like kitten when I kiss the back of her neck.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you get her riled up, she’ll get in your face. She’ll make you defend the assumptions you never thought twice about before in conversation. If you get her talking, it’s hard to get her to stop. And she has a soft spot for stray cats and losers, like me.

My husband is a good person. I mean, deep down good. Honest, caring, and fathful. He has strong values and follows them no matter the consequences. He comprimises his integrety for no one. He is talented- he plays guitar with stunning precision and sings beautifully. He is popular- people are drawn to his outgoing, carefree personality. He is strong- when were are together, I have absolutely no fear.

My husband is very closely related to the caveman, which makes living with him a real challenge. He’s been known to put his foot in his mouth and say things that, if uttered to another woman, would get him slapped. He has a childlike joy about him, and makes me laugh a lot.

My husband is understanding- no matter how many stupid things I’ve done (and I’ve done some beauts), he does not get angry with me or yell. We talk things out when there is a problem, and in the 8 years we’ve been together, he’s never once raised his voice at me. He deals with adversity in a rational, calm way and is great at resolving troubles.

My husband encourages me- when I said I wanted to go back to school, he was thrilled. No matter what project I take on, he encourages me- if I said I wanted to work on an Alaskan oil rig, he would find a way for me to do it. He believes in freedom for us both- we do our own thing with the support of each other. There is nothing I could propose to him that he would refuse me, no matter how outlandish sounding.

He appreciates me- frequently when I meet someone for the first time, they say “Oh, so YOU’RE Zette! Allan talks about you all the time- he thinks the world of you! You’re so lucky!” and I agree.

I knew my husband in college when I was in my former bad marriage. I used to tell my friend “The luckiest girl in the world will get married to THAT guy”. And I was absolutely right- 5 years later we were married. We’ll have our 5 year wedding anniversary next March.

First things first, that was so adorable! You’re so lucky to have him!

My boyfriend is… A unique one. He’s strange. He’s weird, you could say. But I love him to bits nonetheless.

Wanna know how we met? Well, it was actually at a kissing booth. Yep. My friend Abby dragged me to a carnival before my exams and made me take her shift for a while. Most people were seeing the fireworks, so there wasn’t anybody there (one of the reasons I actually took on the job for a bit). But then a stranger came over with his annoying swagger that had my left eye twitching.

Well, I guess you could say that he was cute at first - okay, fine, I thought he was pretty hot - but of course I wasn’t gonna admit that. So he slapped a five down on the counter and just looked at me expectantly with an arched eyebrow.

Of course that didn’t turn out well. Then, when I started college, I met him again. That was a huge shocker. We ended up being one of those cliche frenemy-turned-couple people, and well, I guess it turned out for the best.

Lex is strange. Yes, that’s the right word. He’s mischievous and cute, with a wicked gleam in his eye. He’s a kid at eighteen lol. Wellll, he loves hacking and is a a real nerd if you get to know him, and he’s pretty arrogant and playful. He’s kind of… Disturbing sometimes. And my disturbing, I mean he gets this really evil look to him that makes him look like a serial killer.

He gets jealous pretty quickly and starts whining when I’m not paying attention to him. He’s obsessed with my phone and trying to learn how to Braid my hair. He doesn’t like his teachers but miraculously gets straight A’s.

I love the random fights we get into. I love how he hates wearing formal attire and settles for skinny jeans. I love how he smiles and looks at me like I’m the only one even though other girls pine for him. I love how he has some feminine charms - he’ll be the strange, in-the-know revolutionary with a couple of feminine quirks with a definite charm and charisma. He’s so thin and delicate, and almost girly, but with a smirk and “stealth”.

We’re not in a sexual relationship. We’re the couple that fights over who gets to play Xbox first and watch horror movies at night and scare each other on Valentine’s Day. I think we’re making up for lost childhood since we both had to grow up too fast.

I love him and he loves me. We’re not perfect, and we love each other’s flaws. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife is a nicer person than I could ever hope to be. We measure our time together now in decades, not just years.

80 proof, single malt.

Madame Pepperwinkle and I have been together for 35 years this July. She is one of those people that other people gravitate toward: we can’t go into a store without somebody she’s never met stopping and talking to her. She is simultaneously inspiring and exhausting, hilarious and aggravating, generous and selfish, smart and foolish, solitary and social, prudish and bawdy, open-minded and dubious. She has myasthenia gravis, osteoarthritis, lymphodema, but her identity is not defined by any of that. She’s lost all cartilege in her kneecaps so she’s wheelchair-bound, and I have to get her anything she needs. She’s a fiercely loyal friend and companion. Her hair is bluish-black, but with the years it’s become a tad gray. She prefers to get to the beauty salon and have it dyed midnight blue, but it’s been awhile since she’s been able to do that. She makes her own gowns out of the most delightful, bright colors. She sculpts figures of dragons and gargoyles and fairies, which we sell at Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions. She shares many (but not all) of my interests, and we have close (but not identical) tastes in TV shows and movies, and vice versa. She is the most precious of all God’s creatures and the mother of my child. Oh, and she makes this really great French silk pie.

Stay the hell away from my woman you homewrecker!

Mr. Beetle (aka Dave) has silver curly hair and brown eyes. He likes to travel and do outdoorsy things mostly, but he also likes going to musicals and nice restaurants. He understands computers and finance and is able to fix just about anything. He’s very Type A and is always trying to find maximum efficiency. He doesn’t really do frivolity. He cooks at one temperature: High, and drives at one speed: Fast. After smoking for about 45 years, he quit (well, cigarettes). He likes weird shit like exercise, Frank Zappa, and me.