Design your own ice cream

I used to be able to buy tiramisu ice cream locally, but the two manufacturers have discontinued the flavors.

So, I went online to see what I could find and I stumbled on where you can design your own, potentially very very weird, ice cream. Like cucumber avocado with a dash of licorice and cheddar cheese.

I don’t think I can afford one of these concoctions, but I’m still happily piecing together tiramisu ice cream with coffee soaked ladyfingers and a dark chocolate chip.

What flavor combination(s) would you love to try?

If you’re going to treat yourself to ice cream, break bad and go for the high fat milk/cream.

For me: Coffee ice cream for base, hazelnuts, dark chocolate chunks and a raspberry jam ribbon inside.

Not for $100 a gallon though. :eek:

I do this all the time since I bought an ice cream machine.

Some outstanding experiements:
Chocolate-orange ice cream with chunks of chocolate-orange jellies in it
Almond flavor ice cream with chocolate and marzipan chunks

Ones I want to try:
wild berry or blueberry ice cream
Cantalope-cocounut ice cream

I use Ben & Jerry’s recipe book for the ice cream base. yummmmmmm.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like high fat milk/cream based ice cream? Hagen-daz (or however it’s spelled), Ben & Jerries, all those really rich ice creams are way too much for me to eat more than one or two bites. Give me a really good quality lighter-style ice cream where I can actually eat a whole scoop at once, that’s the ticket.

After enjoying Green Tea Ice Cream for some time, I got inspired and whipped up a batch of Thai Tea Ice Cream. It was goddamned tasty if I do say so myself.

This was over 10 years ago and I haven’t made any since. It’s a hassle to find Thai Tea, then you have to brew it and reduce it or else it’s too dilute for flavoring the ice cream.

Way cool. They’ve got some genuine Filipino flavors in there. Cream and maiz base, with halo-halo and macapuno toppings; a taste of home!

I wish I could actually buy the ice cream. :confused:

One I really liked - white mint, plus candied roses and violets

I’ll have one scoopful of every possible combination. Thank you.

Ginger-wasabi iced whipped soya with hamachi or sake. Guaranteed to confuse the hell out of your taste buds, sinuses, and investors. (I’m just not sure how to keep the fish from freezing.)

Just wait…it’s coming. Look out for it at your local Whole Foods Market.


Pistachio ice cream with dark-chocolate-coated pistachios mixed in. Call it Swisstachio, if you like.

I wonder if CUCUMBER DILL WEED tastes as awful as it sounds. I also wanna know why the success of cookies and cream flavors hasn’t spawned pretzels and cream varieties.

I like:

14% Premium
White Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Liquor
White Chocolate Chips/Cashews

for a start. This flavor:

14% Premium
Peach pieces/White Chocolate Chips

might be good as well. (As long as their anise is mild, and not overpowering.)

Others that look promising:
Classic mix
Peach Pieces/White Chocolate Chips (Maybe with Almonds/Peach Pieces instead)

Classic Mix
Green Tea/Jasmine
Broken Cones/Cashews (Maybe with Almonds and Broken Cones instead.)

Classic Mix
Pecans/Caramalized Pears

Super Premium
Pistachios/Broken Cones (Or maybe White Chocolate Chips)

Super Premium
Strawberry pieces/Almonds (Or substitute Blueberry pieces for the Strawberries)

Ok, I’m done.

If I win the 170 Mega Million jackpot tonight, I’m so buying a gallon of this:

Nutty Chocoraz

Chocolate Merlot ice cream, chocolate covered hazelnuts, raspberry ribbon

:eek: People actually spend that much money on icecream?

I wonder why cinnamon ice cream isn’t more common. They didn’t even bother describing the “Clove” flavor. I like clove gum, but that doesn’t translate well to ice cream.

An apple icecream with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and raisins would work well.

I’d invent Lime and Techquilla Sorbet with bitter chocolate chips.

There’s a place here in Toronto that does a vanilla, apple, and spice ice cream. It’s good.

The dark chocolate with cayenne, coffee and ginger is even better, though.

I came up with Dulce De Leche Ice Cream with Candied Rose Petals with an 8% gelato base.


I’d like to find a good recipe for a mocha type ice cream. Either a coffee base with chocolate added, or a chocolate ice cream with, say, coffee or instant espresso blended in.

A while back someone emailed me a link to an English-language article in the Mainichi Daily News, a Japanese paper… surveying the bizarre world of some of the more exotic flavors of ice cream produced in Japan.

The link doesn’t work any more, but I was able to turn up this on their website, which has a series of photo images and subtexts describing what the ice cream containers… contain…

Goat’s milk ice cream. Ice cream made with seawater. And whale flesh. And horseflesh. And many more!