Desire against your sexual orientation (poll)

Ok here’s the question.

Do you ever find yourself desiring someone against your normal sexual orientation? BE HONEST, please. I’ll start.

I am a straight female. I’ve always been attracted to guys. However…

I find the ‘ideal’ of the female form to be very sexy. In my whole life there has been one woman who I’d have considered experimenting with even though I wasn’t attracted to her physically. She was my best friend in high school and I loved her so damn much I would have done anything for her.

There was one girl who I was actually sexually attracted to. She was my boss, and engaged, so it was pretty much out of the question. She was cute and dainty and very sweet - I have never been cute or dainty (but I am sweet).

But I am still predominantly attracted to guys! This makes me think that there is something to the theory that everyone has some gay tendencies in them. Am I right? Or do I stand all alone?

Come on, folks. 'Fess up your deepest darkest fantasies here.

From a month or so ago. My answer stands: Nope.

Well we are getting into the socially acceptable realm of ‘have you ever found someone of your sex attractive, yet you are hterosexual?’

I’m a married man who is absolutely fine with my sexuality as a heterosexual, monogamous man. I find there are men out there who fit the criteria for being handsome. Now do I want to kiss them, or otherwise fondle their manhood? No. I find that not appealing in the least.
My wife knows and comments on other females who are attractive…does that mean she wants to experiment with her holiest of holy’s? No not in the least.

So the answer to your question for me is no, I never desire being with another man…but that does not mean I cannot find the attractiveness of another man. I’m simply not attracted.

No, I can honestly say that I never have and probably never will. I can’t even tell what guys are attractive to other people. Sure, I can tell what guys are butt ugly, out of shape and so forth but after that, I am confused. My brain just doesn’t work that way. There are a few other problems. The mechanics of male homosexual sex really, really doesn’t appeal to me. That is great if you are into that but it’s just not doing it for me. Second, I view most guys as competition in some way. I cannot see surrending myself to one as a love partner. Third, I had only a couple of male friends in my life and none now. I don’t like to be around the vast majority of males and sure as hell don’t want to sleep with them.

No. Not in the slightest.

I have always been attracted to both, so I guess I can’t really go “against” my sexual orientation.

I’m bisexual so currently, no… that’d be a bit hard.

In the past though: yes, obviously. I only started noticing men about five years ago.

I’m hetero, and I can honestly say I’ve never had even the slightest sexual attraction to any male I’ve seen.

I’ve had sexual thoughts about women from time to time, but never enough to bestir myself into doing anything about it (or to identify as bisexual). I’m probably about a Kinsey 5.8.

Not really. I can definitely tell when a woman is attractive, and have mistaken that for my being attracted, but when it gets down to it: “The boobies! They do NOTHING!”

(This has apparently has caused some confusion among my straight male friends. Apparently I’m “constantly” pointing out hot women, and they ask, “Are you trying to tell us something, here?” And I have to respond, “I’m just saying she’s hot, is all. I think that that guy, that guy, and that guy are hot, too, but the stuff I’m thinking about them, I can’t say out loud.”)

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. As I am bisexual, however, I’d have to say that I don’t experience desire against my orientation.

Well, I can sure tell when I think a woman is attractive, and I can even say what type of chickie would be my type (if I were gay).
However, whenever I’ve thought seriously about what it would be like to sexually fondle a woman’s breasts and kissing her and all the other fun stuff, it does nothing for me; mostly just makes me feel uncomfortable.
So, I guess the answer is no. I’m straight as a pin, and don’t think I’ll ever be otherwise. Although sometimes it seems like it would make my life a whole lot easier if I didn’t have to deal with men and their dangly parts.


I can be attracted to other girls but usually in a “I’d like to look like her” way. Most of the time, scrawny girls turn me way off - especially when I see celebs on tv with naked shoulders. It kind of grosses me out!

But let the record show I would do it with a girl if it turned on the guy I was with, and he got in there with us :slight_smile: Cuz I luuuurve men!

hetero guy here–
I’ve never seen a guy that I find attractive and the idea of kissing or hugging or even holding hands with a guy gives me the willies.
However, I do think that male genitals are sexy and I can be quite aroused by the idea of or actuality of playing with a guy’s equipment.

As a straight guy I happen to find Matt Damon sexually attractive. I’m not sure why as he is kind of annoying and some people think he is less than good looking. I’m not sure what it is. He just has that effect on me.

I enjoy seeing a well made male body but I have always thought of it as more a matter of aesthetic appreciation than anything sexual.

Of course when I told all this to my wife she was horrified. Not so much that I might find another man sexually attractive- but that it was Matt Damon!

Nah, Matt Damon does have a certain sex appeal. Sure his nose is funny looking, and maybe he’s a little beady-eyed, but there is something in his “aura”.
But this is coming from someone is thinks David Bowie is the sexiest man alive.

I’m a bit curious- maybe someday I will experiment a bit, maybe I won’t. I’ll just see how it goes. I am still way, way attracted to guys, though.

My taste may normally run to men, but there’s something about Keira Knightley that just does it for me. I don’t know that I’d wanna have straight-people sex with her or anyone, but damn, she’s just so hot.

Once in a while. I’m a straight guy, but a couple of times in my life I’ve known men who, if the circumstances had been right, I might have gone to bed with. It never happened, but I don’t think I would have turned them down.