Desperate Housewives 1/3: If...

This is the follow-up to the plane crash.

No big surprises here…A couple of demises, and an amusing look into what might have been.

Even though he was portrayed as generally unlikeable, Karl was a fun character, yet they managed to make his death carry exactly zero emotional impact. Shame.

Mona the nurse? We thought she was already dead, so the “wait, she’s alive; no, now she’s dead” bit served no purpose other than to set up Angie’s what-if story, which only made me hope she does end up in jail.

Lynette’s segment was the most powerful, but felt like a cop-out, in a way. They got to tell a story about Tom and Lynette raising a disabled son, but didn’t have to invest more than a quarter of an episode to do so. Too big a downer to permanantly incorporate such a story line into the show, I guess.

Who else thinks Orson’s paralysis will prove to be only temporary, like Carlos’s blindness? Those pesky spinal cord injuries usually clear up in a year or so, right?

I have a nagging fear that, with this show the way it is, Orson’s going to be able to walk again, but it will be kept secret from Bree so he can (unbeknownst to her) spy on her and catch her in the act…of something…complete with tiptoe-ing elf music! (Either that, or he’ll pretend he’s paralyzed so she won’t divorce him /will wait on him hand and foot forever, poor poor Orson!)

I thought this was a particularly good episode, I loved the what-ifs.

I’m betting that he’ll fake the paralysis as long as possible, as you said, until someone catches him walking.

I thought the Bree and Lynette segments were fantastic, the Angie one was good and had some good movement on her plot, the Susan one was “meh”, and the Gabby one sucked hard.

Part of that was how badly fake the “fat Susan” and “old Gabby” CGI/costumes were. I expect better from a network run by Disney.