Desperate Housewives 12/6

As things worsen between Gabi and Lynette, a plane crashes on Wisteria Lane. Will one of them die?
If not, then who will?

Okay, who’s dead?

My guesses, in order of likelihood:

Mrs. McCluskey

I thought it was pretty clear that Lynette saved Celia’s life, and neither of them is dead.

Safe to assume that the hand we saw at the end belongs to either Karl or Orson, who were in Santa’s workshop when the plane hit (as was Bree, but I’ll bet money she survived). As for which character is more dispensible, I vote Orson.

Not sure of Mrs. McCluskey’s whereabouts at the time. But I’ll be surprised if she’s among the casualties.

Can we all agree that we saw the nurse lady’s demise coming from a mile and a half away?

I know nobody watches this show for it’s verisimilitude, but really! you can’t see your parents because you’re under observation?? And Carlos thinks he won’t get the crap sued out of him because of some transparent maneuvering to fire Lynette??

It is to laugh.

She’s fine. She and her boyfriend took off running, and the blackmailing nurse is the only one outside the shed that got plowed into. I won’t be sad if Karl and Orson are both dead.

I began watching this thing to appease my wife’s desire to do so together. I was impressed with the writing sometimes, and the suspension of belief wasn’t too hard to do. I began to enjoy it.

But this was too much for some reason.

My brain has now retroactively categorized the show as the suck.

Oh well.

And didn’t Carlos say in an earlier episode that he didn’t give some other woman the promotion because she got pregnant. If Lynette is smart enough to track that woman down and join forces with her for a class action suit, then that company is getting its balls sued off.
Also, have they ever said just what it is that the company does?

The whole Carlos/Lynette thing really does stink. Totally out of character for Carlos to act like such a jerk. And, for once, I don’t think Lynette needs to apologize for anything. Getting fired because you’re pregnant is both unethical and illegal. The way Carlos demeaned her by putting her in the closet was way over the top, even for this show.

Poor Felicity Huffman. Ever since the boob storyline, she’s had to wear those push-up bras.

Didn’t the gay choir guy go into the Santa workshop?

Katherine’s storyline is wrapping up, I suppose. She was always a redundant character IMO. She and Bree were too alike.

They should have fleshed out the Mona the Nurse storyline better if they wanted to have it be believable. Mona showed no fear extorting a woman who admittedly killed someone and has been on the run for years. Not believable.

They’ve already had a tornado. Now a plane. What’s next? Locusts?

I’m wondering if maybe Orson and Karl are both dead… that would give Bree something meaty to deal with

Supposedly 5 people are dead. I’m betting on Karl and the nurse. Not sure who the other three are.

Boy that was a lame plane crash. It landed and then just kept going. And it was tiny. They could have done the same thing with a runaway truck.

Possible consequences:

Lynette saving Celia will obviously effect her Feud with Carlos.

I’m thinking she might also miscarry from falling.

With nurse dead the secret is safe (unless she made an in case I die video), but what happens to the envelope o cash?

Will Karl’s banner be noticed on the ground?

Who else is dead?

I hadn’t heard that number. Any link?

We know about Nurse Mona, and at least one person in Santa’s house. My money’s on Orson, but of course it could be Karl or both. So that’s either 2 or 3. Are we counting Homer Simpson and maybe his wife?

Well, we have the pilot and his wife. Then Mona. That’s three.

I’m betting Karl and the gay neighbor, although it’s too bad they didn’t get rid of Gabby’s oldest daughter. I want to smack the living shit out of that child.

Oh, goody, the deus ex machina machine is alive and well on Wisteria Lane. Lynette can’t handle Tom’s daughter’s mother? Someone we never heard of goes on a shooting spree in a supermarket and kills her. Gabby can’t keep from screwing around on Victor, and he has the power to make her life miserable for it? Lucky for us, a tornado will kill Victor so she and Carlos can go back to being a couple. Lynette and Gabby/Carlos are on the rocks? Plane crash, Lynette saves their kid’s life, eternal gratitude, all will be forgiven.

I’m guessing that Orson is dead, but it would be a pleasant surprise if Karl is also. Aside from the fact that the character is a slimeball, Bree not having EITHER man remaining in her life is a better plot direction than the disaster eliminating one so she can be with the other free and clear.

Actually, I was figuring that the plane would destroy the Bowens’ house, leading to insurance money for them so they could pay her off. It wasn’t until I saw the plane actually bearing down on her that I realized she’d be killed.

From here: (warning:link contains a spoiler for one of the not dead).

I totally didn’t think of that lol. That leaves one. What’s all this about the gay neighbor? Was he in special danger?

In one of the scenes when the wife in the plane is talking to the tower she mentions she unclipped the banner. Something like “Ok. I released the banner. What now?”

I don’t know but he seemed to have more air time than usual. When they do that on “Survivor” that person is doomed. :wink:

Well, they did show his husband looking at the shed in more horror than you’d of expected if just Orson and Carl were in there, so maybe he went in to break up the fight?

I’m pretty sure Mrs. McCluskey will be one of the dead. The actress who plays her was diagnosed with cancer recently so I figure they’ll write her out of the show before she gets too ill to perform. I know it showed her getting up and running, but lets face it, she’s an old lady, I doubt she outran a runaway plane. :frowning:

This latest ep was kinda weak, but overall I’ve been enjoying this season, with many LOL moments.

If Lynette miscarriages, that could count as two deaths. It’s awful to say, but I don’t really want to see Lynette struggling with more babies, and if she does lose them, she owns Carlos and Gabby. “I lost my children saving yours. Yes I will take my job back, along with a huge pay raise.”

ETA: the plane cutting down the nurse at the knees? Worst special effect ever.