Desperate Housewives 11/2

Lynette suspects that Tom is cheating on her.

…but he wasn’t.

The funniest bits in this one involved Gabi, Carlos, and Frances Conroy’s character—good to see that actress again, BTW.

So Porter leaves the condom wrapper behind (the previous night I assume) and the guys rehearse all day and Tom plays video games and no one sees it right there in plain view?

And is Katherine aware that Mikes been to jail as well?

And another thing. I know that Carlos and Gabi did the going thought the door thing for the little bit of comedy, but I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t have known she did that. I think it’s safe to assume Gabi doesn’t leave the house without purfume on. Carlos would have smelled her moving past him like that.

Oh, man. I sooooo don’t want to sit through all the shit Lynette is going to stir up.

So Edie’s husband’s brother was killed in prison. Orson and Mike are the only one’s who’ve been in prison, right? I’m guessing Orson didn’t shank anybody, so it must have been Mike.

Don’t be so quick to judge Orson, he did run Mike down with his car. Of course, he was pretty anxious to make sure Mike lived on their block.

I’m not 100% sure I buy that story anyways, but I guess we’ll find out.


Did he clearly say he was killed in prison, or just that his band ended when he got sent to prison, and getting into drugs killed him? I’m thinking that (if his story can be taken roughly at face value) he must be the brother of the crooked cop that Mike killed to save Kendra’s life way back when.

Joey P:

Old ladies tend to overdo their perfumage; that could easily have masked Gabi’s scent, if she were wearing any.

The best line ever was Katherine’s “I think he’s going to steal my heart.” I couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while after that.

I’d have to go back and re-watch. I remembered last night Carlos did time too, didn’t he?

Yes, he was killed in prison, but they called it self defense so the other guy finished his sentence and went free…IIRC

Wasn’t that Lily Tomlin as Ms. McCluskey’s sister? Whoever, I like those two.

So do I…though I have to say that Tomlin looked a bit like Mick Jagger and Ron Wood had a baby.

Kathryn Joosten has a great role to play in McCluskey–that character is never dull.

Yes, both of whom played President’s Bartlett’s personal secretarys on The West Wing.

I can’t decide if I like this FF’d season or not yet. I really couldn’t have cared less about all the interim events in everyone else’s lives, but I kind of got invested in Susan and Mike and everything it took for them to finally make it, so them not being together really bothers me. And now they’re putting him with Katherine? Bleh.

And I know Gabby’s poor now, but the old Gabby would never let herself look like a frump. There are cute clothes out there that aren’t hideous, and a little mascara and lipstick from Walgreens goes a long way.

On the other hand, I do kind of like Susan’s new boyfriend, and their relationship does seem sweet. And Mrs. McClusky (aka Mrs. Landingham) is always a joy to watch.

Spoilers say: one of the housewives will die this season. I hope it’s Lynette.