Dexter Season Three-Episode 1 (9/28)

Well, last night was the premiere!
I have to say, I think it’s starting off very well. The writing is still top notch and the characters are just as engaging. Jimmy Smits should be a good addition to the cast.

I definitely want to know more about the IA girl and that seems more interesting to me than the Smits family problems. But there’s definitely more going on under the surface than we can see, I’m sure.

I like that Dex and Rita are doing well together, but I totally called her last line earlier in the episode. It was inevitable. And Dexter at Dad’s day was adorable. I loved how the kids thought he was a loser 'cause he didn’t have a gun or a uniform.


Great, as always. I’m surprised Dex was able to find his tooth. I figured someone else would beat him to it.

It would have interesting if someone else found it first. In fact I pictured him looking for it as someone else non-chalantly tossed it into an evidence bag. What would he have done then? I figured he would have tried to switch it with another one so the dentist couldn’t trace it back to him. Oh, and other the Frebo, I’m waiting to see if the ‘doorman’ happens to show up again and mention to someone that he saw Dex on the scene earlier. I suppose that woulnd’t happen though or we’d have a repeat of the “I have an addiction” season.

Would you believe this episode was my first viewing of Dexter?

Are the earlier episodes showing (legally) anywhere? I didn’t feel too lost, but I’d still like to “catch up”

season 1 and 2 are on dvd and can be either rented or bought.

It was good, but there’s a recurring theme that I’m really getting tired of. While worrying that he might get caught, Dexter gets a terse phone call from exactly the person who’d be calling him if he were in trouble. The caller demands that he meet with Dexter right away, but doesn’t tell him why. Then, when Dexter gets there, it’s always some innocent question about blood spatter patterns. The caller could have said that on the phone, but where’s the drama in that, I guess?

Still, that’s a pretty minor complaint - barely worth mentioning.

At a pretty good price, too. You can get each season for about $20-30 from Amazon or at Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately, out of my price range.* >sigh<*

I was hoping there was a repeat broadcast or something. Ah, well.

If you have Netflix, I know that season 1 is one of the DVDs that you can view streaming over the web. I’m not sure about season 2 because it wasn’t out yet when I saw the first season there.

Check on Dexter was listed there.

I thought it was kind of boring but I guess that is sometimes the case with 1st episode of a season since they have to set up new stuff.

Michael Hall was on Leno and he said in high school he sold knives door to door. :slight_smile: He added he would call people first , not just show up at their door with knives.

I noticed that as well. The ‘questioning’ is always the same, the person will ask in a accusatory (while using the magic trigger words) way such things as…
What kind of monster would do such a thing?
A person would have to be emoitionless to do this to another human.
If you were the murderer what would you [something]?
etc etc etc
And Dexter will be answering these truthfully but jokingly in his head as we go.
Then the person will inturrupt his deep rhetorical thought with a “but anyways, what are you thinking happened here? Are you sure that’s where he got stabbed?”
All things that could have been done over the phone or at the station, but for some reason they always drag Dexter out to the scene.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. The thing is, for the first two seasons, and for at least the first half of this one, we know he’s not getting caught, close maybe, but he won’t get caught. This show isn’t about Dexter in jail, or Dexter on the run (there’s other shows like that), it’s about Dexter hunting and killing people, so we know there’ll be another and another.

Check your messages.

I liked it and it seemed like an interesting set up, but it’s still mysterious - I’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out.

The scene where Dexter’s blood spatter strings were connected to all the kids desks was hilarious! I thought for sure it was a dream sequence at first. Me and my friend had to pause the tivo until we could stop laughing.

The whole thing with Dexter’s screw up… In previous seasons where there was a screw up it was understandable stuff. But this time it’s like he just didn’t give a shit about being careful. I mean really. If you’re gonna go off and make your own “CODE” that’s superior to Daddy’s at least include in it some basic competency with regards to being discrete and careful.

Also, it seems like they were going for record number of times they could get Dexter laid in one episode.

Oh mies! The pitter patter of mini Dexters! Nature or nurture?

I found his internal dialogue with “What kind of father would I be? After all, I kill people” to be weirdly funny.

Having managed to see the first two seasons recently (thank you, MoodIndigo1) I’m amazed at how they navigate thin line between a sympathetic main character and a main character who is a ruthless killer. For all that Dexter does some noble and good things there are still those scenes where he’s killing and cutting up another human being.

I also located a copy of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the novel season one was based on, but I didn’t finish it. Most unusual, but I found the TV series to be better than the book.

The TV series is vastly better then the book (and I think the series is pretty flawed as well but still enjoyable). I read the first and thought it was barely ok. I read plot summaries of the next two and realized I wouldn’t bother picking them up.

The series is infinitely better than the novels. First book follows the first season fairly close, aside from some important twists at the end. Deb finds out Dexter is a killer.
The second book is actually interesting, though not very well written. There are some good scenes of Doakes tailing Dexter like in the second season, and an interesting main baddie. Some of the themes are present, but the plot is totally different. A black ops torturer from Doakes’ past starts hunting down all the other members of the operation including Doakes. Doakes doesn’t fit Dexter’s code, so he has to decide how much to help him or leave him to his fate.
The third book is so idiotic it made me sick to my stomach and I felt betrayed.

Dexter’s Dark Passenger is actually a demon posessing him! He starts training Rita’s kids to become serial killers too.

Oh yeah, and there’s almost zero Masuka. All the good lines are TV only.

Dex Season 3 isn’t listed for Australia yet - and sitting here watching you all enjoy yourselves discussing it is making me sulk. :frowning: My husband and I are hardcore Dexter addicts and frankly, you’re not helping us patiently wait until we can see it.

Go away. All of you.