Diana Rigg dies at 82

She was definitely memorable in Theatre of Blood!

I’ve read that she left The Avengers because she made less than a cameraman. She was in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and married Bond.

Diana Rigg as Jeff Lynne! :smiley:

Classic Avengers bit about the earlier avenger that also ran into Bond:
John Steed wonders what Mrs. Gale is doing in Fort Knox


And yes, RIP Dame Rigg

Agree on all points. She was the first brainy, competent, confident woman on TV. And it made her irresistibly sexy in my 14-year-old brain. It’s probably why I ended up dating and marrying that type of woman.

Yeah, I enjoyed her in ‘The Avengers’ as a kid, and I’ve heard guys around my age (or, maybe a liiiittle bit older) say she awakened certain…stirrings in them at a young age. This is the kind of news that makes one feel like time is going by way too fast.

Lucky you.

But she wasn’t quite the first. I’d give that honor to Julie Newmar as Rhoda in My Living Doll. She had all the attributes I gave to Mrs. Peel: Brains, beauty, excellence in multiple competences, and above all that attitude of absolute mastery of the world. Her only flaw was that she was a robot and was an outsider to the humanity she could never be a part of. Well, that, and that Brian Clemons wasn’t one of the writers.


I have that DVD, too.


She also made a damn fine catwoman, mrooowwwr.

She was a clue on last night’s Jeopardy (a repeat of course). Sadly, no one knew the question:

Yes, I know that, thank you. I was just being facetious.

I didn’t know that. Very cool!

So… Enquiring Minds (and this–at the time–teenaged girl) wanted to know: did she and John Steed ever Do It? I say they did.

I was soooo unhappy when her presumed-lost-and-dead husband came back.

When The New Avengers debuted in the UK in January '77, it was accompanied by a commemorative fan magazine devoted to the series (all iterations). It contained a long interview with Patrick MacNee, in which he said he and Diana Rigg took the sex thing for granted. Steed and Emma never talked about it, but it was generally assumed they did indeed sleep together.

In Emma’s final episode (“The Forget-Me-Knot”), we got a glimpse of her long-lost husband Peter, found alive in the jungle. He was only seen from the window of Steed’s apartment, but it was obvious the two men were identical.

Apparently, the actors and series writer all had different takes on the question. From the Wikpedia article on Emma Peel:

This is the magazine I had. I bought two copies, one of which I sent to a fellow fan in Minneapolis. She was in Seventh Heaven when she opened the envelope.

It was more than an interview; it was a long article written by MacNee himself.

Joanna Lumley who played Purdey in The New Avengers was also in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service along with Rigg.

Yep. She was one of Blofeld’s girls.


Oh, absolutely. They were both smiling too much whenever they saw one another.

The M appeal/Emma Peel joke is sadly lost on Americans. We can get it, but it’s not visceral. She’d have to be named Sexa Peel for the pun to hit us every time we heard the name, and that’s too coarse to suit her character.

You mean subtle like Pussy Galore? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m so happy the consensus is that Steed and Mrs. Peel got it on. I’m going to get out my Emma Peel DVDs and watch with the eyes of the 18-year old of bygone days…