Did I dream this commercial?

Maybe nightmare is a better word.

I know there’s an ongoing thread about bad commercials, but this one is bizarre enough to merit its own thread. Has anyone else seen it?

It’s for a “karma chameleon” telephone. The telephone bears a big chartreuse-colored plastic chameleon which rears back on its hind legs and sings “Karma Chameleon” to signify someone is trying to call you – or terrify you into fits. Then the scene shifts to Boy George, who is wearing enough bizarre makeup to explode your eyeballs, and he gives this phone his enthusiastic endorsement. As well he might; it’s probably the only money he’s made in years. Then it’s back to the phone again, and we see that in addition to the nightmarish lizard of death, the phone bears some sort of little plastic critter playing an accompanying instrument. My memory of this last bit isn’t clear - I think I was in a haze of disbelief by this time.

Say it isn’t so. The Karma Chameleon phone. Help.

You mean this? Yep, that was a nightmare.

No commercial I’ve seen, but I’ve seen some worse then that. :smiley:


At first I thought you were a total loony, but after thinking it through I have a vague memory of seeing the actual phone somewhere. But I haven’t seen the commercial.

Such a thing exists in England, based on a phone that appeared in an ad for a British company called BT. (British Telephone?)

British Telecom(munications plc), the incumbent operator in the UK. Vast, monolithic company that used to be the state telecoms provider until privatisation in the 1980s.

Wow, that sure would look good next to my singing fish wall plaque.

The critter looks a lot like Louie, in the Budweiser commercials.