Did Kristen Stewart ruin her career?

For those who don’t read TMZ or keep up with celebrity news Kristen Stewart is the star of the Twilight series and she was recently caught cheating on her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the married director of her latest movie. Normally this would just end up in yet another celebrity break up and both parties would move on with no harm done to their careers. The thing is Kristen is not exactly a great actress and neither is she hot enough to simply get by on her looks, really the only thing she had going for her was the popularity of the Twilight movies with teenagers. It seems to me that cheating on the perfect Edward Cullen would pretty much kill any popularity she had with her only audience.

She’ll be fine. She had an extensive career before Twilight and has starred in many non-Twilight movies since the series began. She even received some slight Oscar buzz for Welcome to the Rileys, so I have to question the “bad actor” part.

The other reason she’ll be fine is that a lot of people (including Jodie Foster) are absolutely disgusted at how this whole thing went down. Gossip reporters are acting like catty bitches who caught the prom queen going for a sody pop with the school’s biggest nerd. In other words, Kristen Stewart doesn’t come out looking like the bad guy.

To normal people maybe, but to the millions of teenage girls who made her a household name she most certainly looks like the bad guy.

Kristen Stewart is an adult now, as such, teenage girls will mean less and less to her continued fame.


The last movie in the Twilight saga comes out in mid-November, and I doubt all those teenage girls will skip seeing it because they’re mad at Kristin Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson.

In the meantime, Stewart has a leading role in the soon-to-be-released film adaptation of Kerouac’s On the Road, so it’s not as though there’s nothing but her personal life to talk about.

Also, although I’m all in favor of adult women having personal autonomy and taking responsibility for their own choices and so on, I’m a bit surprised that a 22-year-old single woman having a liaison with a 41-year-old married man is the only one seemingly identified as “the bad guy” in this situation.

If I were a 41-year-old married film director working with a 22-year-old star, I would consider that getting into a relationship with said star would be a touch on the exploitative side. And I’d expect that the tabloids and other gossip media would agree and would criticize me for it. Instead, popular and media ire seems to be reserved for the younger, single (though not unattached) partner in this liaison.

Were people really that invested in the real-life happiness of the Twilight lovers, or is this just a convenient opportunity for a round of the recently revived sport of slut-shaming?

Kimstu - I think there’s enough shame to go around. Stewart & the married man both acted shamefully

Are my wife and I the only people who saw The Runaways? Kirsten Stewart can act, if she’s given a decent script. Personally, the rest of her career depends on transcending the Twilight movies.

I read this article yesterday which, if it’s true, makes me very angry. I don’t even like Kristen Stewart. I think she’s a lousy actor with one expression (surly). But she doesn’t deserve this. To even consider removing her from a project due to having an affair with a married director twice her age is ludicrous. If anybody should be removed from the project, it’s him. Even if KS seduced him, at his age he should be the one who knows better.

Do you feel sorry for a secretary who gets fired after the boss’s wife finds out about their affair? I just think it’s a real world example of the wisdom of the maxim “Don’t shit where you eat”.

Earlier articles say Liberty Ross forbade Sanders and Stewart to work together again and speculated that he would be removed from the project. I don’t know why she went instead, but she probably has more job offers than he does. Maybe she wasn’t pushed - maybe she jumped. Maybe she wants to move on to a project that isn’t so tainted by her personal life.

http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/83478/Liberty-Bell-Bans-Husband-Rupert-Sanders-From-Working-With-Kristen-Stewart-Following-Affair: Link to an article about Ross’s ultimatum and speculation about Sander’s future with the project.

Most people sleep with whoever the hell they want to sleep with, and Hollywood actors are no exception - far from it, really. And it is absolutely none of our damned business.

Let them act in movies and entertain us, their private life is separate to that and should remain private.

But now directors might have another reason to get her on the cast.

I know people (including Stewart herself) are saying that it’s unfair that Stewart is getting all the blame in this affair. But it’s not really Stewart getting all the blame as much as she’s getting all the attention. The public doesn’t really care that Rupert Sanders cheating on Liberty Ross - if he had had an affair with their nanny, it wouldn’t have made page 60 of People magazine. The story that goes on the cover is Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson. So Stewart is paying the price for being more famous than Sanders - people are focusing on her end of the affair rather than his.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Yes, I agree that it’s Stewart’s fame that is putting her in the spotlight here. But within that spotlight, there’s a spin spectrum from “Conniving Cold-Blooded Vamp Breaks Robert Pattinson’s Heart” to “Troubled 22-Year-Old Star Seduced by Director Old Enough to Be Her Father”. And the spin has rather clung to the former end of the spectrum.

I don’t really see it that way. People aren’t arguing over whether Stewart seduced Sanders or Sanders seduced Stewart. It would be unfair at this point to pick either of them as the more guilty one in the affair.

As for Stewart hurting Pattinson, I figure that’s probably pretty accurate - she did cheat on him. And Sanders hurt Ross by cheating on her. If you want to argue who caused their partner more pain, it was probably Sanders - he’s married and has children. But the reason we’re hearing more about the hurt Stewart caused her partner than the hurt Sanders caused his partner is because Stewart is more famous not because she’s more guilty.

As far as if this would hurt the next Twilight movie’s business- kids will be watching for tell-tale signs of bad chemistry between KS & RP more obsessively than Garrison examining the Zapruder film.

I haven’t yet seen The Runaways. I may be pleasantly surprised. I did see “Snow White & The Huntsman” and while there may have been a good movie in that somewhere, it wasn’t in any of the parts with KS. And I wanted to like that movie! I thought the concept of Snow White as “Joan of Arc Vs. Elizabeth Bathory” was awesome. I still want to see that movie.

It’s pretty hard to ruin a career now, IF you are successful. Look at all the scandals actors have bounced back from over the years. Cheating and adultery are pretty mild. How many chances has Lindsey Lohan gotten so far?

Stewart and Pattinson are both still young and the whole Twilight thing is pretty much over. They wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway.

Rent it. She’s playing a real person, Joan Jett, so you have a reasonable standard with which to judge her acting. I don’t think she’s the next Meryl Streep or anything, but she did solid work in that movie. A shitty script can get shitty work out of even the most skilled actor. Her character in the Twilight movies was a poorly written cipher for teenage girls to project themselves onto, and she played the part as written.

Yea, seems sort of silly to say cheating on a SO will ruin an actors career. The list of counter-examples must run into the hundreds. Lack of talent might sink KS (or not, I don’t really have an opinion), but I doubt cheating on a famous boyfriend will.