Did [NY Gov. candidate Carl Paladino] ever answer the NPR interviewer's questions?

So Carl had an interview with NPR in which he constantly tried to redirect the questions about his ethics and his outbursts into answers about his opponent. One time, he even had the chutzpah to say “Look, this is about my opponent who refuses to answer questions about …” I don’t even know what words Senor Horse Porn used next because I turned off the radio.

So, did HE ever answer the questions? You don’t really have to answer that. I think I know.

Don’t trust the hypocrites.


Anyway, I heard the interview yesterday and it was embarrassing. Thank goodness it was all of, what, 3 minutes? And no, he didn’t answer any questions, but responded with attacks while talking over the interviewer constantly.

It was so funny when he said, “I didn’t lose it!” while almost losing it in the interview. And it was downright ridiculous for him to justify the Obama emails by saying he “just forwarded them” and that he “didn’t create them.” What a racist fool. Typical Tea Party conservative Republican scum.

The latest poll indicated that this clown will get about 32% of the vote. The good news is he has no chance and has wasted a lot of money.

The bad news is that it proves once again that about 30% of the voters are so stupid that they will vote on party lines no matter what.

You have to wonder if the Republican party in New York knew they had no chance in this election. They put this clown up just to let him spend his money and embarrass himself so that he will shut up and just go away.

This slime-bag has been using his money all along to buy favors in Albany. He’s the ultimate hypocrite. Maybe now he will be “persona non-grata” and he’ll get cut off completely.

The NY Republican party didn’t put him up - he beat their candidate in the primary. I suspect, in addition to the tide of kick the bums out, part of the reason he won is the Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo was perceived as unstoppable.
I think a certain percentage of the primary voters thought he’d be entertaining and shake up the establishment but there was no chance of him ever becoming governor.

Palamino!!! AHAHAHAHA! Now that’s the Freudian slip of the century.

Anyway, asking if Carl’s ever given a straight answer to a question is like asking Buffalo developers if they turn away Albany cash. You know what the answer is.

Wow, it really is. But I’ll fix it anyway - changing name to Paladino.

No wonder Google couldn’t find anything much.


Did you turn Safe Search off? :smiley:

It might help if you use his full name, “Carl Horse Porn Paladino”.

I am not sure of what you are speaking. Do I want to?


About six months ago, some emails that he forwarded to friends were leaked to the press. The emails contained porn, a video of an African tribal dance described as an “Obama inauguration rehearsal,” a video of dancing chimps called “proof the Irish discovered America,” an image of Barack and Michele Obama Photoshopped into pimp and prostitute outfits, and a woman having sex with a horse.

I’m guessing you didn’t want to know.

I’ve moved this to 2010 U.S. Elections from Great Debates.

Thanks for the info.


And they say text can’t convey sarcasm.

Sigh. The first from upstate New York to be a candidate for governor in decades, and it’s this guy. He just reinforces the stereotypes about upstate New York held by the downstate/NYC crowd.

Plus, he didn’t even apologize for it. When called out on it, he said words to the effect that, anyone who didn’t think all that was hilarious, he didn’t want their votes.

Nope. That’s just the type of horses that he buttfucks. You know, because they rhyme with his name and all.

Nah. All this proves is that people in the rest of New York are sick of every politician coming from the New York City area. Paladino will get a ton of hometown votes and still lose mightily.

Thank god.

Carl “Horse Porn” Paladino:

But bestiality is all right I suppose.

I thought gay marriage led to bestiality.

Or do I have that backwards?

Or do they? :stuck_out_tongue: